Top 6 Fellowship Programs in India for Graduates

Fellowship programs offer you incredible opportunities wherein you could learn and work at the same time.

Are you the kind of person who always wants to do something different than traditional careers? for the nation and society.

If you have a strong desire to work in the social sector and understand communities, and challenges, and see the ground reality of the systems. A fellowship program might be the answer to your all questions.

Top Fellowship Programs in India for Graduates

Fellowship programs provide a very good opportunity to understand ground-level reality and to start a professional journey. The fellowship program bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical applications.

There are so many Top Fellowship Programs in India that provides you a good opportunity to learn and work at the same time which helps to develop your skills.

Here is the article we have listed “Top 6 Fellowship Programs in India for Graduates” that you should not be missed!

List of Top 6 Fellowship Programs in India

1. Teach For India Fellowship Program

Teach for India is a part of the global network, ‘Teach For All.’ Teach for India fellowship program is a full-time two-year duration full-time commitment and a paid fellowship program.  Every fellow is appointed as a full-time teacher in under-resourced and low-income schools.

The fellowship program provides fellows a great chance to change the lives of the children while enhancing their own knowledge and leadership skills. The Teach For India fellowship program is challenging thus, be extremely careful before register for this fellowship makes sure that you are ready to work for a full-time commitment.

Under this fellowship program, fellows will be full-time members of the schools in which they will work as per school hours six days a week and also attend the training sessions as per the requirement of cities.

 2. India Fellow Leadership Program

The India Fellow Leadership Program provides training and empowers the youngsters in India. The duration of the fellowship is for a full-time 1 year to understand the realities of the development across sectors such as health, education, communication, skill development, and enterprise. The fellowship includes training, working, and mentoring.

The fellowship organized many workshops for fellows to participate in workshops that help to improve knowledge and build leadership skills, decision-making skills, and problem-solving skills.

Fellows work with ground realities of organization, brainstorming ideas, and helping to grow an organization. The fellowship’s main advantage is that it is not limited to one sector and explores a wide range. 

3. Young India Fellowship Program

 If you want to pursue the world of academia in the form of various liberal arts subjects fascinating, then the Young India Fellowship is the best fellowship for you. The Fellowship program is a full-time one-year postgraduate diploma in Liberal Studies at Ashoka University.

 The Fellowship brings a group of 300 bright youngsters together from across the country.  With some expert teachers and practitioners from India and across the world. It provides an experimental learning program that helps fellows to improve their knowledge and skills.

The fellowship aim is to help Fellows to expand their knowledge and network base and also become well-rounded individuals who are able to think from multiple perspectives, effectively communicate, and become leaders in society.

4. Legislative Assistants to Members of Parliament (LAMP) Fellowship

Legislative Assistants to Members of Parliament (LAMP) Fellowship is one of the most prestigious fellowship programs in India where young people are directly mentored by members of Parliament (MP).

The fellowship provides a great opportunity for young graduates to work with the Members of Parliament (MP), and it also gives you a chance to get into the political system and administrative system, and the makings of policy for the country.

LAMP fellowship is a full-time 11 months duration from June to May each year based on the parliament calendar. The eligibility criteria for fellowship is Graduates in any discipline less than 25 years of age.

LAMP fellowship begins from the starting of the monsoon till the end of the budget of the parliament. This fellowship gives great chance to youngsters to work with Parliament Affairs, the law-making process, and at the same time, it provides to involve in the research work to provide help for the Member of Parliament (MP).

5. Prime Ministers Rural Development (PMRD) Fellowship Program

Prime Ministers Rural Development (PMRD) Fellowship program is an initiative of the Ministry of Rural Development (MoRD). The aim of the fellowship is to reduce poverty, improving development, and improve the lives of people in rural India.

The PMRD fellowship program is a two-year duration, during this program fellows will work closely with District Collector (DC) to tackle various issues being part of the system mainly aiming to reduce the developmental and governance deficits, improving development program delivery.

6. Gandhi Fellowship Program

Gandhi Fellowship program was started in 2008 year. Gandhi Fellowship is a 2-year full-time program that helps young people to develop leadership skills that can help to bring a major change in society.

The fellows help the school administration to make necessary changes and revamp the curriculum, improve the school condition and education across the country.

Overall, they help the School Administration and the School Management Committee in converting their ideas into reality. Gandhi’s fellowship program is a grassroots immersive fellowship devoted to the education sector.

Final Words:-

Above all is the list of “Top 6 Fellowship Programs in India for Graduates” that you should not be missed! If you don’t get an opportunity to enroll in these fellowship programs then here are a lot of other fellowships you try for these fellowship programs such as the Azim Premji Foundation Fellowship Program etc.

Most students who opt to go for fellowships are aiming to learn and enhance their knowledge about research work in developmental studies fields.

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