How Would You Create Awareness About Internshala in Your College? [2024]

How would you create awareness about Internshala in your college? Why does Internshala excite you?

Are you a College student who looking for a student program? Then, we are excited to inform you that in this guide we have given detailed information about the Internshala student partner program, its benefits, and responsibilities.

how would you create awareness about internshala in your college

We have also discussed Why does Internshala excite you and how would you create awareness about Internshala in your college.

On successful completion of the ISP program, a certificate and letter of recommendation will be awarded from the Internshala. It will be really helpful in boosting the confidence and value addition to the resume. This ISP program helps students and professionals in improving their communication skills as well as marketing skills, while also earning pocket money and a chance to win amazing prizes like iPhone 13.

Let’s first understand what is an ISP program in Internshala.

What is an Internshala Student Partner Program (ISP) in Internshala?

ISP stands for Internshala Student Partner (ISP) Program. It is a revolutionary work-from-home program run by an online internship platform i.e. Internshala for building future leaders. The main role of an ISP is to conduct seminars and promote Internshala internships and training programs in your college.

What is the Eligibility to Join the ISP program?

Any college student from any degree, any stream, or any year of study is eligible to apply for this ISP program.

Responsibilities of Internshala Student Partner (ISP)

Your job as a Student Ambassador for the Internshala Student Partner Program (ISP) will include the following responsibilities of ISP:

  • Promoting Internshala internships and Online Internshala Trainings in your College
  • Helping fellow students get an internship
  • Representing Internshala in your College
  • Participating in exciting contests

Why does Internshala excite you?

Internshala is an exciting platform that provides multiple opportunities for students and professionals such as internship opportunities, skill development, career development, recognition, and rewards. It will definitely add value to your career. These things are most exciting about the Internshala Student Partner program to students and professionals.

This Student Partner Program will help you strengthen your marketing and communication skills right from the start. Apart from this, there are also masterclasses and webinars, with which you will get a chance to interact with industry experts for faster career growth.

The ISP program is not just about learning and exploration. It also helps you to earn great pocket money to achieve your financial goals through completing exciting activities where you can get paid as per your performance.

This ISP program will provide you with an amazing opportunity and experience to solve real-world professional problems. This will definitely ensure your progress.

Benefits of the Internshala Student Partner (ISP) Program

1. Skill Development

ISP members get an opportunity to enhance essential skills such as communication skills, marketing, creativity and innovation, event management, networking abilities, and leadership skills through promotion by actively engaging in promoting internships and various training programs on the college campus.

Improving skills development through ISP will definitely help you a lot in your career and in achieving professional success.

2. Resume Enhancement

Internshala is a well-known brand all over India since most of the top organizations hire interns through this platform. Thus a certificate or a LOR from a prestigious brand name like Internshala carries a lot of value. Being an ISP (Student Ambassador) is seen as a valuable activity on a student’s resume, making them stand out to potential employers or educational institutions.

If you successfully complete the ISP Program, then you will receive a Certificate of Completion of the ISP Program from Internshala.

3. Earn Monthly Pocket Money | How much will an Internshala Student Partner be paid?

ISP is a performance-based financial incentive program. This means that there is no upper limit on how much you can earn. You get an opportunity to participate in multiple contests with a chance to earn huge exciting prizes. With this, you can fulfill your financial goals.

4. Chance to win exciting Rewards

Being an ISP member you will get a chance to win amazing prizes like Boat Smartwatch, Noise Speaker, and OTT Subscription. Additionally, you’ll also get a chance to win an iPhone 13. You get Internshala branded T-shirt provided by Internshala.

5. Networking Opportunities

ISP members can interact with a diverse group of students, professionals, and organizations, leading to creating valuable networking opportunities with them.

At the end of a successful tenure in the program, you will definitely come away with a resourceful network. This resourceful network can ultimately be beneficial in your internship and eventual job placement.

6. Free of Cost Internshala Training Programs

As a member of the ISP program, you will receive free training programs provided by the Internshala.

7. Personal Growth and Confidence

By being a member of the ISP program, you get the opportunity to step out of your comfort zone, enhance your public speaking skills with confidence, and take a proactive attitude in pursuing various opportunities. This student program definitely help you to enhance your personal growth and confidence.

How to apply for Internshala Student Partner Program? | Internshala Student Partner Login

Applying for the Internship Student Program (ISP) is very easy. Below we have given the steps to apply for ISP, please follow the steps.

Step 1: Register yourself on the Internshala Platform

Step 2: Update your profile and your resume

Step 3: Then, Click here to submit your application for Internshala Student Planner Program (ISP) today.

Now let’s understand How Would You Create Awareness about Inrernshala in Your College or how you will spread the word about Internshala Trainings programs.

How Would You Create Awareness about Internshala in Your College

Before starting to create awareness about internships in your college, it is very important that you first acquaint yourself with the features, internship opportunities, training programs, and benefits of internships so that they can be effectively communicated to others.

Here below we have given some steps you can take to achieve this:

1. Organize Workshops and Seminars with College Students

You can collaborate with your college authorities or relevant student clubs to organize workshops and seminars on offerings provided by Internshala.

Highlight the benefits such as internship opportunities, skill development opportunities, various training programs, and career growth opportunities available on the Internshala platform.

By conducting these informative talk sessions, students can gain valuable insight into how internships and training programs can play a vital role in their personal and professional development.

2. Display Internshala Advertisement on College Website

Displaying Internshala advertisements on the college website is one of the most effective ways to create awareness about Internshala in college with the support of your institute.

For this, you can request permission from the website admin to show the Internshala advertisement on the official college website. This strategic placement allows a wider audience of students to easily access information about Internshala’s offerings, including internships and skill development programs.

Using the college website as a platform to promote the Internshala increases the visibility of the platform and encourages students to explore the valuable opportunities it offers.

3. Engage Through Online Platforms (Social Media – WhatsApp or Telegram Groups)

One of the most effective approaches to raising awareness about Internshala in your college is by properly utilizing online platforms. You can create dedicated WhatsApp or Telegram groups for students from all years and fields to provide a convenient channel to share all regular updates on Internshala, its training programs, and internship contests.

These groups serve as a virtual version of interaction sessions, fostering a sense of community and encouraging students to stay informed and connected with the opportunities offered by the Internshala.

Usually, every class in college has an informal WhatsApp group where students connect and communicate. Utilizing this existing network, you can share the invite to your Internshala awareness group, and it is highly likely that many students will join.

This approach leverages the familiarity and convenience of existing WhatsApp groups or telegram groups to attract interested students to join the internship awareness group and stay informed about its valuable opportunities.

4. Utilize College Notice Boards and Email Lists

You can approach your college admin to allow you to utilize the college notice board to create awareness about the Internshala and its opportunities in your college.

You can also request the college admin to send out an email about Internshala to college students. In the email, you can include answers to all the questions like “How can you apply for an internship on Internshala?”, “What are the benefits of joining the Internshala platform?”,

Sending an official email to students lets you reach your entire college at once. Furthermore, when students receive emails through official channels, it inspires a sense of trust and credibility toward the company or organization.

5. Publicize during College Events and Fests

Utilizing college events and fests for publicizing Internshala during college events and fests is a fantastic opportunity to create awareness about Internshala in college.

Now the next question comes to your mind how will you do it?

For example, you can set up a stall or booth in your college fest where students can visit and learn about internship opportunities, and various training programs offers to them by Internshala.


Being a member of the Internshala Student Partner Program (ISP) can be a great value addition for you, it will help you to enhance your skills and confidence levels. So make sure you apply for it and do your best to win all the exciting prizes!

Now, we hope that you got to know all about the ISP program and how would you create awareness about Internshala in your college.

If you have any additional thoughts regarding this guide on how would you create awareness about Internshala in your college and what excites you about the Internshala student partner program, please let us know in the comments section below, we would be happy to share them with our readers!

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