Latest Automobile Engineering Seminar Topics 2023

Are you looking for the latest automobile engineering seminar topics? If yes, then you’re right place. Here, we have provided the list of top 100 latest Automobile Engineering Seminar Topics for automobile engineering students. This list will help you to choose right seminar topic for presentation.

automobile engineering seminar topics
Latest Automobile Engineering Seminar Topics 2023

These Automobile seminar topics include the wide area of automobile engineering such as Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics, Thermal, Robotics, Nanotechnology, Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, Safety, and Environmental aspects, Recent trends which are happening in the technology and industries, etc.

Below is the list of the Latest Automobile seminar topics for an Automobile engineering degree and diploma course students. Do share this list of latest seminar topics with your students. Let’s look at this list of seminar topics.

List of Latest Automobile Engineering Seminar Topics 2023

  1. Electric Car
  2. Ceramic Disc Brakes
  3. Antilock Braking System
  4. Dual Fuel Engine
  5. Common Rail Diesel Injection
  6. Cruise Missile Technology
  7. Pneumatic Bike
  8. Paper Battery
  9. Driverless Car
  10. Automobile Air Conditioning
  11. Aqua Silencer
  12. Auto Pilot Technology in Vehicles
  13. Electronic Fuel Injection
  14. Robotic Car
  15. Disc Brakes
  16. Micro Air Vehicles
  17. Hyper Cars
  18. Solar Cars
  19. Multi Air Engine
  20. Anti-Lock Braking Sensors
  21. Cryocar
  22. Fuel Energizer
  23. CAMM System
  24. Air Powered Cars
  25. Re-entry of space vehicle: automobile seminar topics
  26. Sensotronic Brake Control
  27. Green Engine
  28. Hydro Drive
  29. Battery Electric Vehicle
  30. Hydrogen Cars
  31. Internal Combustion Engine
  32. Car Handling
  33. Vacuum Braking System
  34. Running Gearing
  35. Vehicle Dynamics
  36. Scramjet Engine
  37. Nano IC Engine
  38. Autonomous Cars
  39. Supercharger in automobile
  40. Atomic Battery
  41. Electro-Hydraulic Brake
  42. Pulse Detonation Engine
  43. Silent Aircraft Initiative
  44. Piston less Pump
  45. Digital Twin Spark Ignition
  46. 3d Vision Machine System
  47. Advancement in 2-Stroke Engine
  48. Camless Engine
  49. Automatic Vehicle Locator
  50. Nitro Shock Absorbers
  51. Six Stroke Engine: Seminar topics for automobile engineering
  52. Noise Control in IC Engine
  53. Virtual Manufacturing System
  54. Windshield Wiper in vehicle
  55. Sky Bus Technology
  56. Hybrid Cars
  57. Automatic Railway Gate Switching
  58. Laser Ignition System
  59. Flying Car
  60. Automatic Gear Shifting Mechanism
  61. Laser Beam Machining
  62. Computer Integrated Manufacturing
  63. Hybrid Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle
  64. Alternate Fuel Source for Fossil Fuel
  65. Nano IC Engine
  66. Alcohol as an alternate fuel in IC Engine
  67. Automatic Screw Jack
  68. High-Speed Marching
  69. Night Vision System
  70. Backhoe Loaders
  71. Automated Guided Vehicle System
  72. Mechanical Governor
  73. Torque Convertors
  74. Free Piston Engine
  75. Lean Six Sigma: automobile seminar topics
  76. Automobile Noise and Vibration Control
  77. Free Flow Exhaust System
  78. Energy Conservation in Air Compressor
  79. Diesel Engine NOX Reduction
  80. Active Magnetic Bearing
  81. Cruise Missile Technology
  82. Air Craft Hydraulic System
  83. Oil Mist Lubrication
  84. Regenerative Braking System
  85. Automatic Braking Control System
  86. Air Bearing
  87. Ultrasonic Motors
  88. Automated Highway System
  89. Aerodynamics in Cars
  90. Automatic Air Suspension System
  91. Air Intake System
  92. Self-Inflating Tyres System
  93. IVTEC Engine
  94. Valvetronic Engine
  95. Plasma Spray Coating Method
  96. Active Suspension System
  97. Low-Pressure Thermocompressor
  98. Power Steering
  99. Pico-Hydro Power Plant
  100. Autonomous Parallel Parking RC Car

Final Words

I hope you all like this list of latest automobile engineering seminar topics for automobile engineering students. In this way, you can choose seminar topics from the list as per your interest in the subject.

Also, if you need some latest automobile topics for seminar or project, then do let us know via the comment below, so I will provide some latest automobile seminar topics for you.

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