Electrical Engineering Projects for Final Year Students 2022

Are you looking for the Latest Electrical Engineering Projects for final year students? If yes, then you have come to the right place.

Choosing a final year project for electrical engineering students can be an exhausting task. So here is in this post we have provided latest Electrical Engineering Projects for Final Year Students 2022. This project list will make your job easier to choose right project topics to choose your final year project topic.

Electrical Engineering Projects for Final Year 2022

These electrical engineering project topics includes the wide area of technology such as Electric System, Robotics, Automation System, Solar System, Measuring Instrument, Recent trends and technology which are happening in the technology and industries etc.

Note: Here we are only suggesting electrical engineering projects topics for college students, you can simply just search on the internet for how to execute that project ideas.

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Let’s look at the list of Electrical Projects for final year students.

Electrical Engineering Projects for Final Year Students

  1. Remote Controlled Robotic Arm
  2. Cordless Power Controller System
  3. Automatic Energy Management System
  4. GSM Autonomous Car Parking System
  5. Traffic Light Controlled System
  6. Electric Power Generation from Wind Mill
  7. Ultrasonic and Voice Based Walking System for Blind Person
  8. Environment Monitoring System
  9. Ultrasonic Car Parking Guidance System
  10. Intelligent Fire Sprinkler System
  11. GSM based Accident Sensing System
  12. Multi channel Intra Red Remote Control
  13. Path Finder and Mapping System
  14. Wireless Lead Controller by Using GSM
  15. By using the Cover Image hiding of Host Images
  16. Motion Controlling of Mobile Car Robot by using Sensor
  17. GSM Energy Meter Debugger System
  18. Automatic Conveyor for Industrial Automation
  19. GPRS Based Industrial Monitoring System
  20. Vehicle Over Speed Control System
  21. Railway Surveillance System
  22. Car Starting System By using Fingerprint
  23. Voice Transmitter and Receiver By Using Laser Torch
  24. Intruder Information Sharing by Using the PLC: mini projects for electrical engineering
  25. Green House Monitoring and Control System
  26. For Four Wheeler Brake Failure Indicator
  27. By Using GSM UPS Management System for Industries
  28. Controlling Water Level By Using the Microcontroller
  29. Door Lock System by Using the Password
  30. Home Appliances Controlled By Using  Mobile
  31. Auto Irrigation System by Using the Solar Power
  32. Detecting Object by using Ultrasonic
  33. Under voltage and Overvoltage Protection System
  34. By Using the Fingerprint Recognition design of ATM Terminal
  35. Automatically Speed Control in Schools and Colleges
  36. Electricity Generation by using the Speed Breakers
  37. Electricity Generation by using the Footsteps
  38. Wireless Weather Monitoring System
  39. Automatically Smoke Detection Alarm System: electrical project
  40. Wireless Door Based Calling System
  41. By using the Voltage Multiplier Circuit Ac to High Voltage DC
  42. Monitoring Plant Moisture System
  43. Automatic LED Light Starter for Emergency
  44. By using the Marx Generator generation of the DC High Voltage
  45. Automatically Water Pump Switcher
  46. Controlling Room Temperature Electrical Project
  47. Digitally Controlling the Home Appliances
  48. By Using LCD Traffic Light Controlling
  49. Controlling the AC Power Strength
  50. Measuring the Distance by using the Ultrasonic Sensor
  51. By Using GSM Voice Based Notice Board
  52. Automatically Measurement of Body Size
  53. Controlling Irrigation by Using Mobile
  54. Detection of Gas With Alarm System
  55. Controlling Car by using the Mobile
  56. Controlling Load Management by using the Mobile: electrical engineering project Ideas
  57. Controlling the Robot by using the Mobile
  58. By Using GSM Process Control System
  59. GSM based Medical Emergency Alert System
  60. GSM based Machine Controlling System
  61. GSM Modem based Operating Robot Car
  62. Smart Helmet Security System
  63. By Using IoT Smart Transportation System
  64. Power failure Indication System
  65. By Using Solar Electromagnetic Braking System
  66. By Using Mobile Controlling the Speed of AC Motor: electrical project topic
  67. By Using Solar Wireless Power Transfer
  68. By Using PIC Microcontroller and Solar Water Heating System
  69. Wireless Controlling Direction of DC Motor

Innovative Electrical Engineering Projects Topics

  1. Automatically Control Street Light based on the Movement of Vehicle
  2. Detection of Metal Robotic Vehicle
  3. Measurement of Solar Energy System
  4. Automatic Irrigation System Solar Powered Based System
  5. Automatically Door Opening System
  6. Detection of Hidden Active Cell Phone
  7. Automatically Power Supply Controlling
  8. System from four different sources (Mains, Solar, Investor and Generator) to ensure no Break Point


We hope you that all of you help the above-given list of Electrical Engineering Projects for Final Year Students 2022. With the help of this list, you can select the easy topic for final year project for electrical engineering students as per your area of interest in the subject.           

Also, if you need some more mini and major projects for electrical engineering. Please comments below, so that I can provide some more electrical projects for final year students.

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