60+ Good Entertaining Speech Topics [2024]

You may need to give an entertainment speech anytime in high school, college, or public speaking, at that time it can be very difficult to find good entertaining speech topics in a very short time.

Good Entertaining Speech Topics

To deliver an impressive entertainment speech to an audience, you need to find good entertainment speech ideas that will make your audience more attentive and laugh at the speech.

That’s why here in this post we have provided a list of good entertainment speech topics for you. With the help of this list, you can choose your favorite topics for entertainment speech that is entertaining for your audience.

You can find topics for entertaining speech examples from the below list

Good Entertaining Speech Topics 2024

Entertaining Speech Topics for High School

  1. Higher Education is necessary to become a successful person
  2. 5 funny incidents with your school girlfriend
  3. Interesting homework excuses to the teacher
  4. How school teaching quality should improve
  5. Best Entertaining high school memories
  6. The worst excuse was given to the teacher
  7. A most memorable moment in High School
  8. Entertainment is really important for today’s education
  9. 10 very funny and entertaining incidents happened in the classroom
  10. My Childhood imaginary girlfriend
  11. Learning in an Entertaining Way

Entertaining Speech Topics for College Students

  1. Study now and party later
  2. 5 funny ways college professors can make teaching more interesting
  3. 10 funny college standup comedy
  4. Why college students prefer texting instead of calling
  5. My most embarrassing moment in college
  6. The worst excuse was given to the college professor
  7. Preparing for Exams in an Entertaining Way
  8. 5 funny incidents with your college girlfriend or crush
  9. Best unforgettable moments in College
  10. Completing Assignments in an Entertaining Way

Easy Entertainment Speech Ideas

  1. Whenever I need expert advice, I talk to myself
  2. How to lie efficiently
  3. The future lies in our hands
  4. The funniest thing I have ever heard
  5. 5 funny Swimming Pool Incidents
  6. How to become the best liar
  7. How to autocorrect ruined our life
  8. Why TikTok is not for everyone
  9. Funniest song you have ever heard
  10. Your Funniest Unforgettable Travel Memories
  11. Funny Names to call your tutors
  12. Ways to deliver a speech most funny
  13. 5 Best excuses for Missing Work
  14. Funniest things I did to my Brother/Sister
  15. My worst Hair Dye Experience
  16. Funny Pets names to Call
  17. Solving Problems in an Entertaining Way
  18. Cleaning the house in an entertaining way
  19. Funny incidents that happen in Movie Theatre
  20. How I got My funny Nickname
  21. Impress wife in an entertaining way
  22. How to embarrass your Teenager in an entertaining way
  23. My funny experiences with Rain
  24. How to fall in love in simple steps
  25. How to control extreme laughing at a serious situation
  26. A relationship breakup insurance policy needs to be exists

Good Entertainment Speech Ideas

  1. I will start studying from tomorrow
  2. How to become friends with small kids
  3. Does cleaning really cause pollution?
  4. We are the architect of our life
  5. Creative Entertaining Marriage Proposals
  6. Greatness comes from small beginnings
  7. 10 Entertaining pet activities videos
  8. How I lost my first love
  9. The biggest blockbuster of all time
  10. Office work rules Up Down
  11. Funny Nicknames of Girlfriend
  12. Funniest web series you have ever watched
  13. Some of your funny uber ride experiences
  14. The worst encounter with my ex-girlfriend
  15. Funny ways to impress Girlfriend
  16. Relatives are the most influential people in our lives
  17. Your Most unforgettable memories with your girlfriend
  18. Very funny YouTube video comments that you never forget


An entertainment speech is not just only writing an Informative or straightforward speech. It is a way to have some fun, and entertainment, and relieve stress. You can choose the best entertaining speech topics for your speech.

Selecting the right ideas for entertainment speech is very important. Because your speech should entertain the audience, it shouldn’t bore them. So take as much time as you need and choose the right entertaining topic to deliver an impressive speech.

Now you have a list of many topics for entertaining speech examples from which you can choose the best topic for your speech.

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