Top 7 Scholarships in Germany for International Students [2024]

If you are looking to study in Germany? Looking for Scholarships for International Students in Germany? If yes then there are many universities that offer undergraduate and master’s scholarships in Germany for international students in 2024.

Scholarships in Germany for International Students

Germany is a very popular destination for international students who wish to study graduate, masters and Ph.D. degree programs in top colleges and universities in Germany.

Here in this post, we have listed top scholarships for international students in Germany of all degree levels who wish to study in Germany. With the help of these scholarships, studying in Germany requires relatively less cost as compared to USA, UK, and Australia.

Top 7 Scholarships in Germany for International Students

1) DAAD Scholarships in Germany

Institution: German Universities
Study in: Germany
Level of Study: Masters or Ph.D. degree program

DAAD Scholarship in Germany offers to graduate students from all disciplines in the development and newly industrialized countries.

This scholarship offers the opportunity for having at least 2 years of professional experience to pursue a master’s degree program at a state or state-accredited German university and in exceptional cases to pursue a doctoral degree program and to pursue university qualification in Germany (Master/PhD degree program).

2) The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarship

Institution: German Universities and Technical Colleges
Study in: Germany
Level of Study: Bachelors/Masters/Ph.D. degree program

The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) provides fully funded scholarship opportunities for German students and international students who are interested to pursue bachelor’s, master’s, Ph.D. degree programs in any subject in technical colleges and German universities.

This scholarship program offers a scholar’s scholarship amount of €744 per month. In addition to this, it also provides a living allowance, health insurance, travel allowance.

3) Universitat Hamburg Merit Scholarships

Institution: Universitat Hamburg, Germany
Study in: Germany
Level of Study: Master or Doctoral degree program

Hamburg Merit Scholarship provide opportunities for international students to concentrate fully on their studies and develop their skills.

Universitat Hamburg Merit Scholarships helps international students and doctoral research students of all disciplines who participate actively in a cultural or social context.

This scholarship program offers a maximum monthly stipend amount of €720. And as per availability of funds, Individual doctoral researcher students may be awarded a monthly scholarship amount of € 1,000 (approximately 3-4 scholarships in each application round).

Hamburg Merit scholarship opportunities are awarded for 2 semesters (total of 12 months).

4) Kofi Annan MBA Scholarships for Developing Country Students

Institution: European School of Management and Technology (ESMT), Germany.
Study in: Germany
Level of Study: MBA Degree Program

The Kofi Annan Fellowship Program offers fellowships for students from developing countries to pursue a 1 year full-time MBA program or a 2 year Master’s in Management (MIM) at the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT), Germany.

Kofi Annan Scholarship provides full tuition scholarship of amount €25,000 for MIM students and €43,500 for MBA students. It also provides travel and accommodation compensation, travel allowance, insurance.

5) Humboldt University International Research Fellowships 

Institution: Humboldt University, Germany
Study in: Germany
Level of Study: Research orPostgraduate Degree Program

Humboldt University provides support to postdoctoral and experienced researchers wishing to conduct research at various stages in Humboldt University, Germany.

The fellowship program provides a monthly stipend, German language instruction, health insurance, and travel expenses.

6) Erasmus Scholarship Programs in Germany

Institution: Universities in Germany
Study in: Germany
Level of Study: Master or Postgraduate Courses

Erasmus scholarship Program in Germany provides finance support to international students who interested to pursue a study program in Germany.

The Erasmus Mundus Programme in Germany help European top-quality Master Courses by offering number of scholarships.

This scholarship covers participation costs, monthly living allowance, travel allowance, and health insurance.
7) KAAD Scholarships for Developing Countries

Institution: Universities in Germany
Study in: Germany
Level of Study: Masters orPostgraduate Degree Program

KAAD Scholarships provides opportunities for international students from developing countries students to study master’s or PhD degree programs at Germany Universities. Students must possess German-language skills and be of the Catholic-Christian denomination.

KAAD provides grants for the recipient’s travel and accommodation in Germany and provides language training courses in Germany before starting their studies.


I hope these popular Undergraduate and Masters Scholarships in Germany for International Students will definitely help you a lot.

Many scholarships for international students in Germany provide a monthly stipend, which will definitely help you to meet your all educational and living expenses. Apply for the scholarship before the deadline, and enjoy an excellent education in Germany.

If you have any questions related to scholarships for international students in Germany. Let us know in the comments section.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q. How can I study in Germany for free?

Ans: There are many ways to fund your undergraduate or post-graduate degree program to study in Germany.

Therefore, international students who looking for entry-level education courses can focus on finding grants to cover their living, tuition fees. And for higher-level educational courses, there are bodies such as the Heinrich Boll Foundation, or DAAD Scholarship.

This will always give you options and ways to make international education more affordable.

Q. Can international students get scholarships in Germany?
Ans: Yes, International students get scholarships in Germany. Because there are many scholarships are available that offered by Government, Private Institutes and organizations, and German universities.

Different scholarships have different eligibility criteria, some scholarships require high GPA scores, and some are based on low-income. You should apply for the scholarship only if you meet the eligibility criteria.

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