Biology Practicals for Class 12 Lab Manual

Biology Practicals for class 12 Lab Manual is a very authentic source provided by CBSE for Class XII students. The lab manual consists of various biology experiments. CBSE provided in a structured manner so that students can easily understand the concepts and perform the biology experiments for class 12.

Biology Practical for Class 12

Here in this article, we have provided CBSE Class 12 Biology Practical Lab Manual for CBSE class 12 students. With this biology lab manual class 12, you can better prepare for your biology practical exam.

Biology Practicals for Class 12 Lab Manual

Below we have mentioned Biology experiments for Class 12. Students must need to perform all class 12 biology practical to get good grades in the final practice exam.

Experiment No. Aim
Experiment 1 To study and analyze the reproductive sections of the commonly available flowers
Experiment 2 To study and determine the percentage of the pollen germination
Experiment 3 To study the pollen tube growth on the stigma
Experiment 4 To study the discrete phases of gametogenesis in mammalian ovary and testis.
Experiment 5 To study and pick out different phases of development of the female gametophyte in the ovary of a flower
Experiment 6 To Preparation and study the mitosis in onion root tips
Experiment 7 To Study the phases of the meiosis by using permanent slides
Experiment 8 Examine the blastula phase of the embryonic development in the mammals by using a permanent slide, chart, model, or chart.
Experiment 9 To Study and validate Mendel’s Law of the Segregation
Experiment 10 To Study and validate Mendel’s Law of the Independent Assortment
Experiment 11 Preparation and analysis of the Pedigree Charts
Experiment 12 To perform the emasculation, bagging, and tagging for controlled pollination
Experiment 13 Nuclei acid staining by using the acetocarmine
Experiment 14 To find out the common disease-causing organisms and disease symptoms
Experiment 15 To study the texture of the soil samples
Experiment 16 To calculate the water-holding capacity of soils
Experiment 17 To study the ecological conversion in the plants living in hybrid and xeric situation
Experiment 18 To study the conversion in the animals living in hybrid and xeric situation
Experiment 19 Determination of the pH of the various water and soil samples
Experiment 20 To study the turbidity of the water samples
Experiment 21 To study and analyze the living organisms present in water samples
Experiment 22 To find out the amount of Suspended Particular Matter (SPM) present in the air at various sites in the city
Experiment 23 To study the plant population frequency and density using the quadrant method
Experiment 24 To Study the analogous and homologous organs in the animals and plants.

Final Words

We hope that the above list of Biology Practicals for Class 12 CBSE students will really help you in preparing for the CBSE class 12 biology practical examination.

If you have any questions regarding class 12 biology practical Preparation, feel free to contact us through the comment section below and we definitely help you.

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