Chemistry Practicals for Class 11 CBSE Students

The CBSE Class 11 Chemistry Practical Lab Manual is a very reliable source provided by CBSE to class XI Students. The Chemistry Practicals for Class 11 Lab Manual consists of various chemistry experiments. It is provided in a very well structured way so that students can understand the concepts and perform the class 11 chemistry experiments along with laws, theories, principles, and concepts. 

Chemistry Practicals for Class 11 CBSE Students

In this article, we have listed practicals of Chemistry Class 11 CBSE students. With the help of this chemistry class 11 lab manual, you can better prepare for practical exams and get good marks.

Chemistry Practicals for Class 11 Lab Manual

Below we have mentioned chemistry practical class 11. Students need to check the entire chemistry class 11 lab manual to secure good marks in the final practical examination.

Experiment No.Aim
Experiment 1Preparation of the 250 mL of 0.1M standard solution of oxalic acid.
Experiment 2Purification of any of the following samples: Copper sulfate, Benzoic acid, or Potash alum by crystallization.
Experiment 3To find-out the boiling point of the liquid organic compound.
Experiment 4To find-out the melting point of the solid organic compound.
Experiment 5The study of the equilibrium changes in the reaction of the thiocyanate ions and ferric ions by raising the concentration of any of these ions.
Experiment 6To determination of the pH of some fruit juices.
Experiment 7To Determining the concentration of sodium hydroxide (NaOH) solution by titrating it against a standardized solution of the oxalic acid (C2H2O4)

Final Words

In this article, we have listed chemistry practicals for class 11 CBSE students. With the help of this chemistry practical class 11 pdf download helps you better prepare for the practical exam.

If you have any questions regarding Class 11 Practical Preparation, feel free to reach out to us through the comment section below and we will definitely help you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q.1 Is Class 11 Chemistry hard?

Ans:- Class 11 Chemistry is really easy and as important as its complementary subjects like Physics, Biology, and Mathematics. All you have to do is keep regularly revise and practice the Chemical reactions, processes, formulas, and equations.

Q.2 How to make class 11 chemistry easy?

Ans:- Subjects like Physics and Biology, for Chemistry subject deeply understand each and every chemical reaction, process, and concept. Regularly Revised the Chemical Reactions, Formulas, Processes, equations. Practice the chemical reactions and equations and solve the maximum questions.

Q.3 How many chapters are there in chemistry class 11?

Ans:- Here are the Chapters in Chemistry Class 11. Students can check this exam pattern for the academic year

Chapter No.Chapter NameMarks
Chapter 1Basic Concepts of Chemistry                11
Chapter 2 Structure of Atom
Chapter 3Classification of Elements & Periodicity in Properties04
Chapter 4Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure21

Chapter 5States of Matter: Gases and Liquids
Chapter 6Thermodynamics
Chapter 7Equilibrium
Chapter 8Redox Reactions16

Chapter 9Hydrogen
Chapter 10s-Block Elements
Chapter 11Some p-Block Elements
Chapter 12Organic Chemistry: Basic Principles & Techniques18

Chapter 13Hydrocarbons
Chapter 14Environmental Chemistry
Total 70

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