Chemistry Projects for Class 11 Students

If you are class 11th students who are looking for Chemistry Projects for Class 11? If yes, then you are at the right place. Here in this post, we have provided a list of the best investigatory project in chemistry for class 11. In this way, class 11th CBSE students can choose the best 11th class chemistry project and chemistry experiments for class 11.

Chemistry Projects for Class 11 CBSE Students

Chemistry is the popular branch of science involved with the substances of which elements and compounds composed of atoms, ions, and molecules, investigating their chemical properties, structure, behavior, reactions, and use of such reactions to form new substances.

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Latest Chemistry Projects for Class 11 CBSE Students

Chemistry Projects on Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure

Below is the list of Chemistry Projects on Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure:

  1. To Study the Bonding Molecular Structure and Lewis Structure
  2. To Study the Assumptions and Features of Valence Bond Theory
  3. To Study the VSEPR theory and Shapes of the Molecules
  4. To Study the Orbital Hybridisation Concept of Chemistry
  5. To Study the Covalent Character of the Ionic Compounds
  6. To Determine the Energetics of Hydrogen Bond through FTIR
  7. To Study the Chemical Bonding, Types of Chemical Bonds
  8. To Study the Difference Between the ionic Bond and Covalent Bond
  9. To Determine the Percentage of the Ionic Character of the Hydrochloric acid
  10. To Study the Electronic configuration of simple homo-nuclear diatomic molecules

Chemistry Projects on the States of Matter: Gases & Liquids

Below is the list of Chemistry Projects on States of Matter: Gases & Liquids:

  1. To Study, the Factors Affecting the Vapour Pressure
  2. To Study the Avogadro’s law: Volume and Moles
  3. To Study the Boyle’s Law and Charles Law of Chemistry
  4. To Study the Effect of the Impurities on Boiling Point of Water
  5. To Study the Liquefaction of Gases and Critical Temperature
  6. To determination of the impurities effects on the freezing point of water
  7. To Study the Effects of the Various Solutes on the Elevation of the Boiling Point
  8. To Determine the Viscosity and Surface Tension of the Liquids by the aid of the Capillary Rise Procedure: class 11 chemistry investigatory project
  9. To Study the Stoichiometry of Gaseous Substances, Reactions, and Mixtures 
  10. To Determine the Critical Temperature and Pressure of Natural Gas Mixtures
  11. To Study the Chemistry Experiment: Intermolecular Forces Interactions and Raoult’s Law

Chemistry Projects on Chemical Thermodynamics

Below is the list of Chemistry Projects on Chemical Thermodynamics:

  1. To Study and Understand the First Law of Thermodynamics
  2. To Study and Understand the Second Law of Thermodynamics
  3. To Study the Hess’s Law of Constant Heat Summation
  4. To Prepare the Crystals by using the Sublimation Process
  5. Finding the combustion Products Chemistry Investigatory Project
  6. To Compare the Specific Heat of Sand vs Specific Heat of Water
  7. To Study the Third law of thermodynamics: chemistry projects class 11
  8. To Determine the Phase Equilibria Diagrams in the Ceramic Systems
  9. To Study and Measure the Heat Capacity of Water by Using a Calorimeter
  10. To determination of the specific heat capacity of a solid by using the electrical method

Chemistry Projects on Chemical Equilibrium

Below is the list of Chemistry Projects on Chemical Equilibrium:

  1. Hydrolysis of the Salt of Weak Acid and Strong Base
  2. To Study the Dissociation Constant of Acids and Bases
  3. To Determination of the Acid Strength by Using the Magnesium
  4. To Study the Ionization of the acids and bases, Buffers, and pH
  5. To Study the conductivity of the strong and weak electrolytes
  6. To Study the Preparation and Properties of the Buffer Solution
  7. To Determine the Ionization Constants of the Weak Acids in Mixed Solvent Systems

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Chemistry Projects on Redox Reaction

Below is the list of Chemistry Projects on Redox Reaction:

  1. To Study the Colourful Chemistry: Redox Reaction with the Lollipops
  2. To Study the Oxidation Reactions and Reduction Reactions
  3. Finding the Oxidation number of the Complex Compounds

Organic Chemistry Projects for Class 11

Below is the list of Chemistry Projects on Organic Chemistry:

  1. To Study the Different Types of Water Purification Methods
  2. To Study the Inductive Effect and Chemical Reactivity
  3. To Study the Inductive Effects in the Aliphatic Carboxylic Acids
  4. To Study the Inductive Effects, its types, and Applications
  5. To Study the Classification and IUPAC Nomenclature of Organic compounds
  6. To Study an Autogenic Electrometric Effect as Inductor of an Abnormal Polarization in Pyridine N-Oxide: 11th science chemistry project pdf
  7. To Study and understand the hyperconjugation and delocalization in respect of (Ionic & covalent) resonance structures
  8. To Study the Heterolytic and Homolytic Fission of Covalent Bond – Organic Chemistry
  9. To Study the Properties and Structure of the Carbocation’s: Chemistry Project
  10. To Study the Aliphatic Substitution with a Discovery Experiment by Using the Competing Electrophiles
  11. To Study the Basic Principles in the Organic Chemistry: Steric and Electronic Effects in a Covalent Bond: chemistry investigatory project class 11

Chemistry Projects on Hydrocarbons

Below is the list of Chemistry Projects on Hydrocarbons:

  1. To Determine the Potassium Nitrate Ignition Property
  2. To Study the Classification of the Hydrocarbons
  3. To Study the Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution – Nitration
  4. To Study the Friedel Craft’s alkylation Chemistry Project
  5. To Study the Nitration and Suphonation of the Benzene
  6. To Study the Sulphonation Technology in the Detergent Industry
  7. To Study the Difference between  the Single Bond and Double Bond Structure
  8. To Study the General Mechanism of the Electrophilic Addition Reactions of Alkenes
  9. To Study the Difference of the Combustion and Pyrolysis Behaviour of Peanut Shells in the Nitrogen and Air: chemistry project class 11
  10. Evaluation of the Industrial Emissions during the Pyrolysis and Combustion of the Different Wastes by Using the Laboratory Data
  11. To Study the Various Methods for Estimating the Anticarcinogens and Potential Carcinogens

Chemistry Projects on Environmental Chemistry

Below is the list of Chemistry Projects on Environmental Chemistry:

  1. To Investigate the Production Methods of Biodiesel
  2. To Study the Chemical Reactions in the Atmosphere
  3. To Study the Impact of the Air Pollution on the Environment
  4. To Study the Green Chemistry as an Alternative Tool for Reducing Pollution
  5. To Study the Various Strategies for Controlling the Environmental Pollution
  6. To Study the Effects of the Global Warming on Environment and Its Prevention Methods
  7. To Study the Impact of Water Pollution and Analyse Causes and its Control
  8. To Study and Analyse the Effects of the Acid Rain on the Rocks Experiment
  9. To Study the Effects of the Ozone Layer Depletion on Environment and its Prevention Methods: chemistry projects for class 11 topics
  10. To Study the Effects of the Green House Gasses on Environment and Its Prevention Methods

General Chemistry Projects for Class 11

Below is the list of General Chemistry Projects Topics for Class 11:

  1. To Study the Effect of Dye on the Different Types of Fabric
  2. To Calculate the Purity Percentage of the Iron Wire
  3. To Study and Compare the Rate of the Evaporation of Water
  4. To Study of the Various Constituents of an Alloy
  5. To Measure the Acidity Percentage Present in the Tea
  6. To Study all Discoveries In the field of Chemistry
  7. To Measure the Amount of Acetic Acid Present In the Vinegar
  8. To Study the Effects of the Pollution on the pH of Rainwater
  9. To Study the Foaming Capacity of the Soaps
  10. Tom Study the Fatty Material of Various Soap Samples
  11. To  Study the Color Changing Milk Experiment
  12. To Study the Uses of Endothermic and Exothermic Reactions
  13. To Study the Measuring Solubility of Saturated Solutions
  14. To Study the Solar Electrolysis for Hydrogen Production
  15. To Study the Contents Present in Cold Drinks Available in the Market

Final Words

I hope that you all like the above list of Chemistry Projects for Class 11. With the help of these project topics, class 11th CBSE students can choose easily select the best chemistry investigatory project class 11. 

Also, if you need some more 11th class chemistry project. Please comments below, so that I can provide some more chemistry investigatory projects for class 11 CBSE pdf download. 

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