Best Biology Projects for Class 11 Students

If you are class 11th students who are looking for Biology Projects for Class 11? If yes, then you are at the right place. Here in this post, we have provided a list of best biology investigatory projects for class 11. In this way, class 11th CBSE students can choose the best 11th Science Biology Project and Biology experiments for class 11.

biology projects for class 11
Biology Projects for Class 11 CBSE Students

Biology is a very important branch of science that includes the study of the living organism, its physical structure, chemical processes, physiological mechanisms, evolution. Modern principles of other fields i.e. Chemistry, Physics are integrated with biology in various areas such as biochemistry, biotechnology, biomedicine, and biophysics.

Let’s look at this list of Biology project topics for class 11 CBSE Students. Do share it with your friends.

Latest Biology Projects for Class 11 CBSE Students

Biology Projects on Diversity of Living Organisms

  1. To Study of the Classification within kingdom Plantae
  2. To Study of the Classification of the Biodiversity
  3. To Study the Angiosperm: Classifications and its Features
  4. To Study the Biology Project on Five Kingdom of Clarification
  5. To Study the Characteristics and Classification of the Monera
  6. To Study the Kingdom Protista: Characteristics and Classification
  7. To Study the basic Classification of the Animal Kingdom

Biology Projects on Structural Organization in Animals and Plants 

  1. To Study the Structural Organisation in Animals
  2. To Study the Pollination in flowers and allergies
  3. To Study the Dicotyledonous and Monocotyledonous Roots
  4. To Study the Animal tissues: Structure and Types of Animal Tissue
  5. To Study the Morphology of Flowering Plants: biology project for class 11
  6. To Study the Anatomy and functions of different parts of flowering plants

Biology Projects on Cell Structure

  1. To Study the Discovery of the Cell and Cell Theory
  2. To Study the Biochemistry of the Living Organism
  3. To Study the Cell Organelles: Structure and Function
  4. To Study the lysosomes and Its Structure and Functions
  5. To Study the Mitochondria: Structure and its Functions
  6. To Study the Ribosomes: Structure and its Functions
  7. To Study the Advances in Plastid Biology and its Applications
  8. To Study the Cytoskeleton: Its Structure and Functions
  9.  To Study the Centrioles: Its Structure and Functions
  10. To Study and Compare the Biological Macromolecule
  11. To Study the Structure of Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells
  12. To Study the Cell Cycle: Mitosis, Meiosis, and their Significance
  13. To Study the Endoplasmic Reticulum: its Structure and Function
  14. To Study the Micro bodies – Structure and Functions of Microbodies
  15. To Study the Endomembrane System: Components and Its Function
  16. To Study the Biology Project of Cell Membrane: biology topics for project
  17. To Study the Structure and Function of the Proteins, Carbohydrates, Lipids
  18. To Study the Golgi Apparatus and its Functions in Plant Cell and Animal Cell

Biology Projects on Plant Physiology 

  1. To Study of the Plasmolysis In the Epidermal Peels
  2. To Study the facilitated diffusion and its types and Importance
  3. To Study the Difference between the Guttation Vs Transpiration
  4. To Study the Biology Project Report of Root Pressure in the Plant
  5. To Study the Various factors affecting the photosynthesis
  6. To Study the Respiratory Quotient and Aerobic Respiration
  7. To Study of the Chemiosmosis Hypothesis in Plants during Light Reaction
  8. To Study of the Photorespiration- and Significances in the C3 and C4 Plants
  9. To Study of ATP – Energy Currency of the Cell – Structure and its Functions
  10. To Study the Mineral Nutrition: Types and Functions and its Importance in Plants

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Biology Projects on Human Physiology 

  1. To Study the Endocrine Glands and their hormones
  2. To Study the Composition of Blood and its Functions
  3. To Study the Modes of excretion System and its types
  4. To Study the Embryonic development in humans
  5. To Study the Structure of Human Heart and Blood vessels
  6. To Study the Alimentary canal: Structure and Its functions
  7. To Study the Digestive System Disorders Present in the Human
  8. To Study the Various Effect of the Cannabis on the Human Body
  9. To Study of Regulation of Blood Coagulation by factors VII a & IX a
  10. To Study the Elementary Structure and Functions of Human Eye and Ear 
  11. To Study the Different types of Respiratory Organs Present in Animals

General Biology Projects for Class 11 

  1. To Study the Osmosis by using the Potato Osmometric
  2. To Study the Point Mutations and their consequences
  3. To Study the Non-Conventional Sources of the Energy
  4. Study on the Probiotics and Probiotics Preparation
  5. To Study of the Mitosis present in the Onion Root Tip Cells
  6. To Study the Global Warming Effects on the Environment
  7. To Study the Various Effects of the Diet on the Blood Glucose
  8. Biology Project on Malnutrition and Infant Mortality in Indian
  9. To Study the Biology Project Report on DNA Fingerprinting
  10. To Study of the Bacterial Growth in the Acidic Environments
  11. To Study the Biology Project Report on the Drugs Addiction
  12. To Study the Biology Project Report on Water Pollution
  13. To Study the Manures and Chemical Fertilizers: Biology Project
  14. To Study the Various Effects of the Antibiotics on Microorganisms
  15. To Study of the Drug Resistance In Bacteria Using the Antibiotics
  16. To Study the Comparison of the Effectiveness of Organic Worm Castings
  17. To Study the Harmful Effects of the Mobile Radiation on the Human Body
  18. To Study the Role of Recombinant DNA Technology in Modern Medicine
  19. To Study the Various Effects of the Pupil Dilation on the Peripheral Vision
  20. To Study the Various Effects of the Green House Effect on the Environment
  21. To Study and Test the toxicity of the Marine Pollutants by using the Daphnia
  22. To Study of the Bioartificial Engineered Heart Tissue: biology topics for project
  23. To Study the effects of the Fertilisers on the Rate of Elongation of the Hypocotyl
  24. To Study the Separation of the plant pigments through paper chromatography
  25. To Study the Microbes in human welfare: biology investigatory projects for class 11

I hope that you all like the above list of Biology Projects for Class 11 CBSE Students. With the help of these project topics, class 11th students can easily select the best Biology Project Topics for class 11.

 Also, if you need some more biology projects for Class 11 pdf download please comments below so that I can provide biology project for class 11 topics.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What is the best topic for a Biology project Class 11?

Ans: You can select any best Biology project topic from the Biology class 11 syllabus. Here are some of the best topics: 

  1. Human Evolution
  2. Environmental concerns
  3. Animals and their adaptations
  4. Hormones and Its Types and Functions

Q2. What are the chapters in Class 11 Biology?

Ans: Class 11 Biology subject has five Units that are as follows: 

  1. Diversity of Living Organism
  2. Structural Organisation in Plants & Animal
  3. Cell: Structure and Function
  4. Plant Psychology
  5. Human Physiology

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