Best Biology Projects for Class 12 CBSE Students

If you are 12th class students who are looking for Biology Projects for Class 12? If yes, then you are at the right place. Here in this post, we have provided a list of best Biology Projects for Class 12 NCERT. In this way, students can choose the best biology investigatory project for class 12.

Best Biology Projects for Class 12 CBSE Students

Biology is a very important branch of science that includes the study of the living organism, its physical structure, chemical processes, physiological mechanisms, evolution. Modern principles of other fields i.e. Chemistry, Physics are integrated with biology in various areas such as biochemistry, biotechnology, biomedicine, and biophysics.

Let’s look at this list of biology project topics for class 12 Science. Do share it with your friends.

Latest Biology Projects for Class 12 CBSE Students

Biology Projects on Genetics and Evolution

Below is the list of Biology Projects on Genetics and Evolution:

  1. To Study the Chromosomal Disorder
  2. To Study the Genetic Mutation: Types and its Causes
  3. To Study the Various DNA Separation Techniques
  4. To Study the Radiation Effects on the DNA
  5. To Study and Extract the DNA from the Banana
  6. To Study the RNA Structure and Its Functions
  7. To Study the Different DNA Extraction Methods
  8. To Study the Process of the DNA Fingerprinting
  9. To Study the Chromosomes and DNA Packaging
  10. To Study the Characteristics of the Genetic Code
  11. To Study the Isolation of DNA from Animal Cell
  12. To Study the Regulations of the Gene Expression
  13. To Study the DNA Extraction from the Mango
  14. To Study the Mutualism and its different types
  15. To Study the DNA Sequencing Technologies Project
  16. To Study the Gene Silencing: Mechanism and applications
  17. To Study the Enzymes of DNA Replication Mechanism
  18. To Study the Developments in the Rice Genome Research
  19. To Study the Genetic disorders of Thalassemia Inheritance
  20. To Study the Mendelian Genetic Disorder in the Humans

Biology Projects on Cell Structure

Below is the list of Biology Projects on Cell Structure:

  1. To Study the Animal Cells Parts and Function
  2. To Study the Mitosis in Onion Root Tip Cells
  3. To Study the Cell Structure and its Function
  4. To Study the Human Stem Cell Technology
  5. To Study the 3D Animal Cell Biology Project
  6. To Study the Qualitative Analysis of Carbohydrate
  7. Study of the Structure and Classification of Enzymes and Its function
  8. To Study the Cellular Membranes, Security Mechanisms, and Phospholipids in the Living Cells
  9. To Study and Evaluate the Molecular Vitality Resources for Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells
  10. To Study the Functions of Nucleic-acid in restraining Growing and Reproduction in the Household Cells: Biology project topics

Biology Projects on Human Physiology

Below is the list of Biology Projects on Human Physiology:

  1. To Study the Retinal Glare Recovery
  2. To Study of the Human Eye Vision Structure
  3. To Study the Working of Human Heart and Its Function
  4. To Study the Inheritance and Genetic of Blood Group
  5. To Study the Human Digestive System Parts and Functions
  6. To Study the Prevention and treating of the Blood Clotting
  7. To Study the Biology Project on the Human immunity System
  8. Study the Role of Rhizobium bacteria in Bio-fertilizers Production
  9. To Study the Pupil Dilation Effect on the Peripheral Vision
  10. To study the temperature effects on the peripheral blood oxygen saturation determined by the pulse oximetry

Biology Projects on Plant Physiology

Below is the list of Biology Projects on Plant Physiology:

  1. To Study the Speed of Sprouting Seeds
  2. To Study the Aeroponics and Hydroponics
  3. To Study the Transpiration rate of the different Plants
  4. To Study the Different types of Medicinal Plants
  5. To Study the Leaf Shape, venation, and Margin
  6. To Study the Dispersal of Seeds by Animals
  7. To Study the Plant and Flower Pigment and Colours
  8. To Study the Impact of the light on the Growth of Plant
  9. To Study, the Plant Covered with Plastic Bag Experiment
  10. To Study of the Germination and Microwave of Seeds
  11. To Study the Adaptation of insect Pollinated Flower
  12. To Study and Analyse the Freezing Temperature of Seed Tolerance
  13. To Study the Saprophytic Nutrition: Biology Projects for Class 12
  14. To Study the different Treatments and their Effects on the Seed Germination
  15. To Study the Different Factors affecting the Transpiration
  16. To Study and Analysed the Experiment of Osmosis with the Potato
  17. To Study Various Factor affecting the rate of the Photosynthesis
  18. To Study of the Poa pratensis Growth Rate in the Pure Humus
  19. To Study and Analysing the Seed Tolerance for Freezing Temperature
  20. To Study the Plant Pigments Separation Through the Paper Chromatography experiment

Biology Projects on Human Welfare

Below is the list of Biology Projects on Human Welfare:

  1. To Study the Microbes in Human Welfare
  2. To Study the Different types of Human Diseases
  3. To Study the Viral Diseases effects on the Human Body
  4. To Study and Calculate the pH Tolerance of the Microbes
  5. To Study the Classification of the Drugs: biology project topics for 12th
  6. To Study the Impact of Drugs and Alcohol Abuse Products on the Human Body

Biology Projects on Reproduction

Below is the list of Biology Projects on Reproduction:

  1. To Study the Infertility and its Causes and Treatment
  2. To Study the Natural and Artificial Vegetative Propagation
  3. Study the Yeast Reproduction in Sugar Substitute
  4. To Study the Human Embryogenesis Development

Biology Projects on Ecology and Environment

Below is the list of Biology Projects on Ecology and Environment

  1. To Study the Generally modified Animals Impact on the Ecosystem
  2. To Study the Agricultural wastewater treatment 
  3. To Study the Biology and Evolution of the Life Science
  4. To Study the Antarctic Peninsula Palaeontology Project
  5. To Study the Impact of Ozone Layer Depletion on the Human Life
  6. To Study the Large Scale Forest Fragmentation Experiment
  7. To Study the Impact of Global Warming on the Environment
  8. To Study the Methods to Improvement of the Biogas Production
  9. To Investigate the different methods of production of biodiesel from waste 
  10. To Study the Impact of the Solid Waste Landfilling on the Environment

Biology Projects on Biotechnology

Below is the list of Biology Projects on Biotechnology:

  1. To Study the Various new Biotechnological Researches
  2. To Study the recent trends in the Nanotechnology
  3. To Study the Antisense RNA Technology Biology Project
  4. To Study Biotechnology and its applications
  5. To Study the causes and effects of Biomagnification
  6. To Study Human Gene Therapy, Advances, Challenges
  7. To Study the Production of Human Insulin by Genetic Engineering
  8. To Study the Human Reproductive Cloning and Biotechnology
  9. To Study the Transgenic Animals: Production and Applications
  10. To Study the Applications of CRISPR Technology in the Treatment of Lung Cancer

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General Biology Projects Topics

Below is the list of General Biology Projects Topics:

  1. To Study the Impact of Water Pollution on the Human Body
  2. To Study the Cannabis effects on the Human Body
  3. To Study the Antibiotic Resistance Investigatory Project
  4. To Study, the Pulmonary Fibrosis affect Gas Exchange
  5. To Study the Balanced Diet Effects on the Blood Glucose
  6. To Study the Antibiotics effects on the Micro-Organisms
  7. Study the reducing the Bacteria in Thawing and Cooking
  8. To Study of the Spicy Cooking for the Health Benefits
  9. To Study the Various Aromas effects on Animal Behaviour
  10. To Study the Probiotics and its Preparation: Biology Project Report
  11. To Study the Cervical Spondylosis Physiotherapy: Exercises, Treatment
  12. To Study the Harmful Effects of the Mobile Radiation on Human Life
  13. To Study the Effects of the Ultraviolet Radiation on the Human Body
  14. To Study the Exercise Effects on the Pulse Rate and Blood Pressure
  15. To Study the Smoking Harmful effects on the Human Body
  16. To Study and Evaluate  the Green Tea Effects on the Oral Bacteria
  17. To Test and Analyse the Marine Pollutants toxicity by using the Daphnia
  18. To Study the Disinfection of Contaminated Water by using Solar Radiation
  19. To Study, the Impact of Bacteria Affected by the Ultra-Violet Light
  20. To Study the Effect of Acids and Alkalines Effects on the Growth of Bacteria
  21. To Study the Comparison of the Effectiveness of Organic Worm Castings
  22. To Study of the Adaptations of Animals and Plants found in Xerophytic Conditions
  23. To Study the Isolation of Staphylococcus aureus from Raw and Pasteurized Milk
  24. To Study the Ingested Fluid Temperature Effect on the Basal Body Temperature in Humans
  25. To Study the Effects of the Different External Factors in Changing the Effectiveness of Various Antibiotics

Final Words

I hope that you all like the above list of Biology Projects for Class 12 CBSE Students. With the help of these project topics, class 12th students can easily select the best Biology Project Topics for class 12.

Also, if you need some more biology projects for Class 12 pdf download please comments below so that I can provide a biology project for class 12 topics.

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