Best Physics Projects for Class 12 CBSE Students

If you are 12th class students who are looking for Physics Projects for Class 12? If yes, then you are at the right place. Here in this post, we have provided a list of physics project topics for class 12. Because of this students can select the best investigatory project in physics for class 12

Physics Projects for Class 12
Best Physics Projects for Class 12 CBSE Students

Physics is one of the most popular branches of science that deals with the properties of matter and energy, structure of matter. The main subject matter of physics includes heat, light, mechanics, and other radiation, the structure of atoms, sound, magnetism, electricity.

This list of physics project for class 12 on electromagnetic induction, capacitor optics, magnetism, current electricity, electrostatics, transistor, etc. Let’s look at this list of Project for Physics Class 12 Students. Do share it with your friends.

Latest Physics Projects for Class 12 CBSE Students

  1. The Simple Harmonic Motion of a Spring
  2. To Conduct a Portable Mobile Charger
  3. Study the Energy from the Deep
  4. To Study Reflection in Concave Mirror
  5. Study the Liquid Lens
  6. Study the Effect of Magnetic Field and Applied Voltage
  7. Study of Constituents of Alloys
  8. Study the Creating Sound with Heat
  9. To Study the Zero Gravity Elevator Experiment
  10. Study the Ohms Law and Resistance
  11. Study the Solar Cells: Physics Projects for Class 12
  12. Study the Photo Resistor
  13. To Measure the Speed of Sound at Room Temperature
  14. Study the Tangent Galvanometer
  15. To Construct a Portable Mobile Charger
  16. To Light and LED Lamp Using a Thermistor
  17. Study the Effect of Height on Running Cadence
  18. Study the Full Wave Bridge Rectifier
  19. Study the Effect of the Pressure in Ball Bounce Height
  20. Study the Solar Power Grill from Recycled Carton Box
  21. Verification of Archimedes Principle
  22. Study the Viscosity of Fluids: physics projects for 12th class
  23. Study and Analysis of Black Hole Thermodynamics
  24. To Study the Variation of Electrical Resistance
  25. A New Perspective with a Digital Pinhole
  26. Study the Effect of Rotational Inertia on a Fastball
  27. Study of the Effect of the Curvature of Spacetime
  28. Radioactive Attenuation and the Inverse Square Law
  29. Study the Doppler Effect and the Fiber Gyroscope
  30. Proving Universal Gravitation by Warping Spacetime
  31. Refractive Indices of Water and Turpentine Oil
  32. Study and Analysis of Voice Frequency across Ethnic Identifies
  33. Study the Photometric Study of Eclipsing Binary Stars
  34. Study the Self-Inductance of a Coil
  35. Study the Parallelogram Law of Vectors
  36. Study the Energy Conservation in Two Dimensions
  37. Wireless Energy: The Future of the Electricity
  38. Study the Laser Security System: physics project class 12 
  39. Study the Coefficient of Restitution of Elastic Solids
  40. Study the Self-Designed Transformer
  41. To Determine the Density of Solids
  42. Refractive Index of Different Liquids Using Hollow Prism
  43. Measure the Temperature by Using Sound
  44. Study and analyze the Diffusion of Solids in the Liquids
  45. To Determine the Time Constant for an RC Circuit
  46. To Study the Voltage Regulator Using Zenor Diode
  47. Testing Sound Decay in Different Gasses
  48. To Study the Effect of Temperature on the Elasticity of a Rubber Band
  49. To Study the Frequency Relationship of Notes in Musical Harmony
  50. Study the Effectiveness of Recycled Materials as Thermal Insulation
  51. Deterring the Type of Particle in an Air Sample
  52. Are there more Cosmic Rays at Higher Altitude
  53. Investigate Relation Between Input and Output Voltage
  54. To Demonstrate the Phenomenon of Total Internal Reflection
  55. To Study the Refraction of Light in Rectangular Glass Slab
  56. To measure the Speed of Sound at Room Temperature
  57. Study the Laws of Reflection of Sounds
  58. Study the Electrochemical Cell (Primary Cell)
  59. Study the Effect of Pressure on the Water Velocity
  60. Observations of Gas in the Infrared Spectrum
  61. Charge Induced on Two Identical Stryo Foam Balls
  62. How Does Distance Affect the Intensity of Light
  63. Study the Effect of Tension on the Pitch of a string
  64. Study the Raft Powered by Surface Tension
  65. Force Required to move a Wooden Block on a Horizontal Table
  66. Study the Cosmic Ray shower Array Reconstruction
  67. To Calculate the Specific Heat Capacity of Water
  68. Study the Effect of Pressure on Ball Bounce Height
  69. Study the use of the Magnetic Levitation for an Elevator
  70. Study and analysis of Changing the Speed of Light
  71. To Construct a Circuit of Electronic Eye: Physics Projects for Class 12
  72. Ray Optics to find Refractive Index of the material of the Prism By Total Internal Refraction
  73. To Study How a Transistor Amplifier Work PNP Amplifier Transistor
  74. To Construct a Simple Circuit for Touch Alarm
  75. Study the Radioactivity and Nuclear Reaction
  76. To Make NOR Gate With the Combination of the two Gates
  77. To Construct a Circuit of Capacitor Storage LED
  78. To Study Faraday’s Laws-To Find The Charge On An Electron
  79. To Find Out Optical Activity Arises When the Polarization Axis of Light Is Rotated As It Passes Through a Substance: physics project class 12 
  80. To Construct a Circuit of capacitor Charge Oscillator
  81. To Find Out the Thermal Coefficient of Resistance for a Divan Set of Wires and Thus Suggest the Wire In Which Energy Loss Due To Heat Generation Is Minimum.
  82. To Demonstrate The Working of An Electrolytic Capacitor By Means of Its Charging And Discharging With the Help of an Audio Oscillator 
  83. To Study and Compare the Two Capacitors Under Series and Parallel Combination.
  84. Bridge Rectifier- a Circuit Using Four Diodes To Provide Full Wave Rectification Converts an AC Voltage To a Pulsating DC Voltage
  85. To Construct a Circuit of Clap Switch
  86. Study the Effect of Temperature On Disposable and Non-Disposable Batteries
  87. To See That Water Conducts Electricity Better When Impurities are Added It
  88. To Show The Unidirectional Action of Diode
  89. Study the Ac To Dc Converter (Full Wave Rectifier)
  90. To Study The Charge And Discharging of Capacitor In Series
  91. To Construct A Circuit of Two Transistor Oscillator
  92. Study the Pascal’s Law And Its Applications: Physics Projects for Class 12
  93. The Effect of Temperature on Disposable and Non Disposable Batteries
  94. To Study a Positive Feed Back Circuit of an Audio Oscillator (LC Oscillator)
  95. The Velocity of Pulse Propagated through a Slinky
  96. Pressure Exerted by a Solid Iron Cuboid on Sand
  97. To Study Variation of Current Using an LDR
  98. To Study, the Effect Of The Diameter and The Number of Turns of The Spring On Its Strength has been Investigation In this Study
  99. To Find Out Optical Activity Arises When The Polarization Axis of Light Is Rotated As It Passes Through a Substance: physics projects for 12th class
  100. To Investigate the Effect of The Following Factors On the Internal Resistance of a Laclanche Cell.
  101. To Conduct the experiment of Magnetic Field Lines around Current-Carrying Conductor

I hope that you all like the above list of physics projects for class 12 CBSE Students. With the help of these physics project topics for class 12 students can choose easily select the best project in physics for class 12.

Also, if you need some more topics for the physics project for class 12 please comments below so that I can provide Physics Project topics for Class 12 CBSE Students.

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