Best Physics Investigatory Project Class 12 CBSE Students

If you are 12th class students who are looking for Physics Investigatory Project Class 12th? If yes, then you are at the right place. Here in this post, we have provided a list of best physics investigatory project class 12. In this way, students can choose the Best Physics Projects for Class 12.

Physics is one of the most popular branches of science that deals with the properties of matter and energy, structure of matter. The main subject matter of physics includes heat, light, mechanics, and other radiation, the structure of atoms, sound, magnetism, electricity. Physics is the branch of science that creates plenty of career opportunities.

Best Physics Investigatory Project Class 12 CBSE

Let’s look at this list of Investigatory project in physics for class 12 CBSE pdf. Do share it with your friends.

Latest Physics Investigatory Project Class 12 CBSE Students

Physics Investigatory Project Topics on Current Electricity

  1. Motion sensing lights and fans to save electricity
  2. To Study the Light Dependent Resistor
  3. To Study the Moving Coil Galvanometer
  4. To Study Temperature effect on resistivity of Insulators
  5. Analytical Study of Drift Velocity in the Low Dimensional Devices
  6. To Study the Charging and Discharging of Capacitor in R-C Circuits
  7. To Study, the Wheatstone Bridge Circuit Working with its Application
  8. To Investigate the new Emerging Electricity Generating Techniques
  9. To Study the Tangent Galvanometer: an investigatory project in physics for class 12
  10. To Study, the Variation in Current Flowing in A circuit  Containing an LDR, Because of Variation

Physics Investigatory Project Topics on Electromagnetic Induction

  1. To Study the Lenz law of Electromagnetic Induction
  2. To study the resonance condition of an LCR Series circuit
  3. To Study the Electrical Impedance and Its Applications
  4. To Study the Phenomenon of Electromagnetic Induction
  5. To Study the Mutual Inductance of Two Adjacent Inductive Coil
  6. To Study the faradays law of Electromagnetic Induction
  7. To Study the Comparison Between the Resistance and Impedance
  8. To Study the Eddy Current Effect in the Transformers Windings
  9. To Study the Effective quality factor tuning mechanisms in micromechanical resonators
  10. To Study the high-frequency alternating current effects on the spinal afferent nociceptive transmission

Physics Investigatory Project Topics on Optics

  1. To Study the Phenomenon of Diffraction of Light
  2. To Study the Low-Cost Emergency Light
  3. To Study the Law of Polarization of Light
  4. To Study the Changing the Speed of Light
  5. To Study the Long and Short Wavelength Colours
  6. To Study the Single Slit Diffraction and Double Slit Interference
  7. To Measuring the Speed of Light: physics investigatory projects
  8. To Study the Refractive Index Measurement and Its Applications
  9. To Study, the Wavelength Controlled Holographic Polarization
  10. Study of the intensity of light through many polarizers at various angles
  11. Determining the Type of Particle in an Air Sample by Using Laser Light Scattering
  12. By Using Laser Light Scattering Determine the type of Particle in an Air Sample
  13. Investigate whether different frequencies of light contain different amounts of energy
  14. Finding refractive indices of water and oil using a plane mirror and lens of known indices
  15. Calculate the frequencies of additive colors and white light by using the wavelengths of primary colors

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Physics Investigatory Project Topics on Oscillations and Waves

  1. To Study the Focalization of Sound Project
  2. Testing Sound Decay in the Different Gasses
  3. Investigate the behavior of transverse waves
  4. Nonlinear Oscillations in Mechanical Systems
  5. To Study the Principles of Superposition of Waves
  6. To Study the Doppler Effect and its Applications
  7. To Study the Nonlinear Oscillations in Mechanical Systems
  8. Displacement Relation and Characteristics of Progressive Waves
  9. To Study the Effect of Bottom Reflectivity on Solar Pond Performance
  10. Difference Between the Longitudinal Waves and Transverse Waves

Physics Investigatory Project Topics on Magnetism and Matter

  1. The Study of Alternating Magnetic Fields
  2. To Study, the temperature Affects a Magnet’s Strength
  3. Methods to Create the Electric Current by using Magnet
  4. To Study of the Force Generated from a Changing Magnetic Field
  5. To Study the Motion of a Charged Particle in a Magnetic Field
  6. To Study and Analyse the Force of Attraction between the bar magnet and Solenoid
  7. To Study the Biot – Savart law and its Application to the Current-Carrying Circular Loop
  8. To Study the Circular Current Loop as a  Magnetic Dipole
  9. To Study the Magnetic Susceptibility of Magnetic Materials
  10. To Study the different Magnetic materials effect on the dynamics of an Oscillating Magnet

Physics Investigatory Project Topics on Properties of Solids and Liquids

  1. To Study and Determination of the Density of Solids
  2. To Study and Build a Radiation Geiger Counter
  3. To Study the Blackbody Thermal Emission
  4. To Study, the Raft Powered by Surface Tension
  5. To Study and Analyse the Heat Transfer in an Incandescent Lamp
  6. To Compare the Thermal Conductivity of the Different Metals
  7. To Study the Effect of Electric Fields on the Heat of Vaporization
  8. To Study the Effectiveness of Recycled Materials as Thermal Insulation
  9. To Study the Solar Heating Surfaces and Night Cooling of Surfaces
  10. To Study the temperature effect on the resistivity of metals or conductors
  11. To Study the Effect of Color on a Heat Barrier Material Characteristics
  12. Determine the High-Temperature Fluid Viscosity by using the Dynamic Light Scattering
  13. How Do Various Nonwoven Medical Gowns Compare as Barriers Against UV Radiation

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General Physics Investigatory Project Topics

  1. Study on Theory of Relativity: Physics Project
  2. To Construct a Mini Tesla Coil
  3. To Study the IR Based Security System
  4. Exploring the Evaporation through Colors
  5. To Construct a Portable Mobile Charger
  6. To Study the Physics Principles in Medicine
  7. Interesting Physics experiments with Dry Ice
  8. Study the Effect of Tension on the Pitch of a String
  9. Electronic Adder: Investigatory Project in Physics for Class 12
  10. Super Snow Squeezing Water Producing Machine
  11. To Build the Electrical Powered Hydraulic Crane
  12. A study the Most Efficient Automobile Sunshade
  13. To Study the Cosmic Ray Shower Array Reconstruction
  14. To Study Murray’s Principle of Minimum Work
  15. To Verification of the Archimedes Principle
  16. To Study the Parallelogram Law of Vectors
  17. Nanotechnology: The Smaller The Stronger
  18. To Study the Effect of Tungsten Illumination
  19. To Study the Advanced communication systems
  20. Mass Dampers in buildings based on simple harmonic motion
  21. Calculating sweet spot of bat based on rotational mechanics
  22. Powerless Radio: Physics Investigatory Project Class 12
  23. To Study the Temperature Effect on Resistivity of Semiconductors 
  24. The Observations of the Gas in the Infrared Spectrum
  25. To Study and Investigate the Motion of Pendulum
  26. To Construct a Pulse Meter and Study its Performance
  27. Eratosthenes calculation of the radius of the earth
  28. Radioactive Attenuation and the Inverse Square Law
  29. Experimental Investigation of High-Frequency Plasma
  30. Study the Rate of Heating Have an Affinity for Salinity?
  31. Frequency Relationship of Notes in Musical Harmony
  32. Study the Remote control vehicles upgraded to self-drive
  33. Quantifying the Effect of Skyglow on the Visibility of Stars
  34. To Study the Effects of Pressure in the Ball Bounce Height
  35. To Study the Spectrum and its Relationship to Temperature
  36. Differentiate the Solar Tubes vs. Conventional Fluorescent
  37. To Study Semiconductors: Physics Investigatory Project Class 12
  38. Study the n-Body Problem in Two-Bodies: Simulation and Animation
  39. To Study the Effect of Shields on Beta Particles and Gamma Rays
  40. Building a Roly Poly toy and explaining basic rotational physics behind it.
  41. Which Insulating Sportswear Fabric Will Make Me the Happiest Camper
  42. Absorbance Spectra to Predict Their Heating by Light by Using Solution
  43. The Study of the Qualities that Determine the Maximum CPU Cooling Efficiency
  44. How Friction on Different Surfaces Does Affects the Speed of the Balloon Car
  45. To Study the Effect of Reduced Pressure on the Yield Volume of Popcorn
  46. To Study the Period of Motion of a Pendulum Depending on Its Mass, Length, or Amplitude
  47. What is the relationship between the frequency of handlebar motion and forward speed?
  48. Find the relationship between the resonant frequency of a wire and its length and diameter

I hope that you all like the above list of Physics Investigatory Project Class 12th CBSE. With the help of these physics project topics, class 12th students can choose easily select the best investigatory project in physics for class 12.

Also, if you need some more Physics Investigatory Projects please comments below, so that I can provide Physics Investigatory Projects for Class 12 CBSE free download PDF. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

How do you make a physics investigatory project?

To making a physics investigatory project follow the below steps:

  • Select a Topic for project
  • Create the questions on topic
  • State clearly objectives of project
  • Design the experiment and procedure
  • Write down the short project abstract
  • Conduct the experiment and record all the results in the observation
  • Write a project research paper

What are the best topics for Physics investigatory project?

Below are some of the best topics for physics investigatory project:

  • To Study the Heat Transfer in an Incandescent Lamp
  • To Study the Emerging Electricity Generating Techniques
  • To Study the Light Reflection and Refraction off Liquids
  • To Study the Light Dependent Resistor Physics investigatory Project

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