How to Memorize Something Fast

Has this ever happened to you? You sitting in an examination hall and when you start writing answers you fail to recall the answers. You may have already studied that topic but you do not remember anything in the examination hall.

Many of you may have an experience that you have learned something and trying to remember but the very next moment you do not remember anything and even you forget everything during the exam, although you study the concepts very well.

How to Memorize Something Fast

How to Memorize Something Fast

Not every student has an interest in all subjects some students like to study chemistry but there are many other students who dislike it.

The same is the case for the other subject as well but even these questions come to your mind How to make learning interesting and effective for remembering things fast for a long time?

So, here in this article, We have listed the best memorization techniques for studying to help you to understand:

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10 Best Techniques to Memorize Something Fast

1) Organize Your Workspace

To memorize things faster you need to improve your concentration while studying. To prevent from getting distracted so make sure that your workspace should be well organized.

2) Logically Understanding Things

It will be very difficult for you to memorize things without logical understanding. The things you understand logically, you remember them very fast for a long period of time.

So logic should be the way to understand something and remember it for long period. Also, try to relate things to the concepts in order to easily understand concepts and memorized them forever.

3) Visual Learning Technique

Another very effective learning technique is the Visual Learning Technique. In this Visual Learning Technique visualize whatever you’re learning in a logical way to quickly memorize the things for a long period of time.

You can associate the things in a sequence to make it simple and easy to memorize things fast for a test. You can also relate things to some objects to remember them in a logical flow.

4) Meditation

Meditation is very important because it improves your memory power and concentration. It helps you to stay focused and keep fresh-minded. So you can study for long hours with concentration and memorize things faster.

5) Make Your Own Notes

Taking notes in your own words will take a longer time but in the end, it will be worth it. It saves your precious time in revision and improves your subject understanding and it enhances your answer writing skills in the exam.


You can use flow charts, mind maps, pie charts, and graphs to represent much important information in a diagrammatic way in your notes. Writing down the things in your own way will help you to visualize and remember the concepts faster at the time of your exams.

Also, you can use different colors of highlighters or different colors of pens to correspond to different topics in your notes.

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6) Revision

Revision is the key to success. Doing frequent revisions will help you to memorize things faster and easier for exams. Revision is the best way to study and memorize something fast. 

While reading ask questions yourself and try to answer them. It will help you know how much you have understood the concept and how much you have remembered.

Revising many times understood concepts will going to help you to memorize things fast for a test.

7) Verbal Memory Technique

Another most effective memorization technique is the Verbal Memory Technique. This technique helps you to memorize something fast for a long time period.

Some of the examples of these verbal memorization techniques for studying are:- the Use of acronyms, word association, rhymes, stories, etc.

8) Select the Effective Learning Method

While learning if memorizing the concepts is taking too much time then change the way of learning. You may find alternative resources such as you may watch online video lectures, listing to podcasts, etc.

So that it becomes very easier for you to understand the concepts in a very better way and you can remember them for a longer period.

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9) Eat Healthy Food

Eating the right food will ultimately improve your immediate memory recall. Eat vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables to keep your energy level stay high and your brain stays focused.

10) Don’t Much Overstretch

Getting enough sleep and giving your brain rest is very important. So don’t overstretch your brain. Exercise regularly helps you to better concentrate on your work. So sleep on time every night and regular exercise will increase your overall productivity.

Final Words

You are not only learning the concepts but also studying in such a way that you can score very good marks in exams. You need to maintain a balance between time and retention.

 It does not matter whether you have questions in your mind like How to memorize a speech fast? Or How to memorize a paragraph quickly? Or How to learn a new language?

I hope you all like these smart techniques for how to memorize something fast. All these memorization tips for studying will help you to make a dramatic improvement in your marks and the best way to study and memorize something fast.

If you have any further questions about how to memorize something fast please ask in the comment section. Stay tuned to the exam feed for more interesting blog posts.

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