How to Concentrate on Studies for Long Hours

If you’re trying to concentrate on study but your mind is wandering or you are easily distracted. Because distractions are available everywhere. It can lead to a poor understanding of the concepts. This can result in lower grades in examinations.

If you’re facing these kinds of problems. Then don’t worry. Here in this article, we have shared with you some unique and powerful techniques on How to concentrate on studies for long hours during exams.

How to Concentrate on Studies for Long Hours

How to Concentrate on Studies for Long Hours

If you want to know How to concentrate on your studies for long hours without getting distracted or bored? Well, this is not an easy task for beginners. But you can certainly train your mind to stay focused and not be distracted by certain exercises. So here in this article, we have shared some techniques about How to study with full Concentration?

1. Sitting Place for Study

It is very important to set up your study space in a comfortable way to study for long hours so that you can prevent from back pain. Find a comfortable place where no one will disturb you and you can focus more on your studies for long hours.

2. Surrounding

Research has shown that learning in a study environment plays an important role in student success. Always study in a positive environment so you can be more engaged and concentrate on studies for long hours without getting distracted or bored.

3. Prepare a Schedule to Study Organized

Preparing a schedule is a really important part of time management to achieve your goal and maintain a work-life balance. It helps you to stay organized.

Scheduling helps you to know what you want to do and it keeps you in the right direction to achieve your goal. Thus, analyze your-self how much work you can do to achieve your goals then set your goals accordingly.

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4. Make Learning Interesting

You can make learning interesting by applying the following 2 methods to stay focused on your studies. From time to time, you keep changing the subject topics of your study, So that you don’t get bored.

If you are tired of a specific longer topic, then divide it into small sections or do some other study in between this period. This will help you to study for long hours effectively without getting tired. You can use lots of interesting games, quizzes, and other fun techniques to understand the information in a funny way.

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5. Reward yourself when you complete a topic

It is very important to reward yourself when you successfully completed a task. This will help you to keep focused on your studies and it will encourage you to further your studies. You can complete the committed topic within the committed time frame and receive a reward yourself.

6. Breakup Work into Small Sections

Sometimes you might get bored at studying long subject topics for a long time. So to avoid getting bored, you can study these long topics by dividing them into smaller sections this will increase your productivity and you can study longer time period.

7. Identify which method of study works for you more

Trying a different method of studying. Identify which studying method works more for you. Accordingly, follow these study methods. Thus you may able to study for long hours with concentration.

Trying a different teaching method. Determine which teaching method is best for you. Follow these study methods accordingly. This way you can practice for long hours with concentration.

8. Take Regular Breaks while Studying

Most students are studying for a long period without taking a break. This is not the right way to study. It is very important to take small breaks regularly breaks during studies. Taking regular short breaks during study helps you to maintain your efficiency level.


Concentration is really important for studying, when you do not take a break in between your studies, then your concentration level starts decreasing and your energy level also starts falling.

In this case, no matter how many hours you have studied, you won’t remember anything. So, after every 50 minutes of study try to study effectively by taking a break of 10-15 minutes.

You can go outside for 10-15 minutes to refresh your mind. Take a short nap, Listen to music, meditation, do yoga, and go for walk to stay fresh. This is the best way to refresh your mind and bring your focus back. Thus you will be able to more concentrate on your studies.

9. Eat Healthy Food and Maintain Work-Life Balance

Healthy Food is very important to maintain your energy level. Food is our basic need, so eating healthy food is very important. The foods you eat can affect your concentration and memory level. So in order to increase your concentration level eating healthy food is very important. So always eat healthy food.

Try to reduce your intake of fast food. Too much intake of salt and sugar makes you more sluggish. Avoid eating heavy food before you start studying. It can make you sleepier, but frequent intake of a small quantity of food will make you more energetic and focused.

Staying hydrated can also have a positive impact on your concentration level. So drink plenty of water. Keep yourself well organized.

10. Put your Mobile Phone on Silent Mode

Before starting your study, it is very important to remove all your distractions. While studying, keeping your mobile phone around you can, this can disturb you and you may find it very difficult to study after using your mobile phone.

Always before starting your study, keep your smartphone on silent mode or far away from yourself. So you can effectively study for long hours with concentration. Do not see your phone notifications even in between study hours.

11. Don’t forget to take Proper Sleep

If you are tired, it can be very difficult for you to concentrate, especially when you have not taken enough sleep. It can affect your thought process and studies.

Getting enough sleep in a day is very important for your health. Good sleep improves your cognitive functions and concentration level. So make sure you sleep at least 7-8 hours each day.

This will give your body get enough rest and you’ll be more energetic to study for long hours with concentration. Therefore it is advised that you make a good habit of taking proper rest before starting your study.

12. Meditation

Regular meditation and yoga are really important to maintain good health. It helps to increase memory skills and concentration. Meditation makes you better at your studies. Doing yoga helps in staying physically and mentally fit.

13. Avoid Multitasking

According to research, multitasking decreases productivity and efficiency. By doing multitasking, for some time, some other less important work. Where you ignore the things that mean the most to you. This way you can get distracted and lose your focus on your original work, so always do one task at a time. It will increase your accuracy in work.

14. Avoid Overthink

Don’t think too much. Overthinking reduced your concentration level. So you’ll not be able to focus and concentrate on your studies, so be calm and follow your regular schedule you will be one step closer to your success.

15. Don’t try to do hard

You don’t try to do very much hard. Always be flexible and follow your daily regular schedule.

How to Study at Night for Long Hours

How to Study at night for long hours?

If you are one of those people who like to study at night. Although this is not a good way, if you find it easier to focus on your studies at night, so next question that comes to your mind is How to study for long hours with concentration at night? then, Here are some ways for you to study for long hours at night.

  • Use bright lights in your study room while studying at night.
  • Avoid eating heavy food
  • Exercise 15-20 minutes in the evening.
  • Drink water during the night study.
  • Keep changing your subjects after each break.
  • Don’t sit on the bed while studying at night.

Final Words

In the fast-growing technological world mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and social media these are the major distractions for students. So now you know everything that is necessary about How to Concentrate on your Studies for Long Hours.

You can try to implement “How to concentrate on studies for long hours” techniques one by one to stay focused and concentrate on studies and make a committed effort to studying for long hours with full concentration.

Also, you need to analyze yourself and find out what works for you, accordingly, you can make your plan to achieve your goals.

If you have any queries regarding how to concentrate on studies for long hours, then you can comment below we’ll definitely help you. Stay tuned with Exam Feed for more interesting blogs.

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