Economics Project for Class 12 Students

Economics Project for Class 12 students plays an important role as per academics. The main objective of the economy projects included in the syllabus to develop the perception, improve critical thinking, creating new ideas. Class 12 Economics Project Topics mainly helps to get a deep knowledge about the subject to deals with the issue faced in this field.

Economics Project for Class 12 CBSE Students

Economics is a branch of Social Science that deals mainly with the Production, Distribution, and Consumption of Goods and Services. Economics Studies the Taxation, Gross Domestic Product (GDP), Budget, Import, and Export, etc.

Choosing a project topic for economics can be an exhausting task. So here is in this post we have provided some best sample economics project for class 12 CBSE Students. This makes it easy for students to choose their Class 12 economics project topic.

Economics is generally divided into two parts, the first one is Macroeconomics is mainly focused on the economy as a whole. and second is Microeconomics which mainly focuses on the economy as an individual.

Let’s look at the list of Class 12 Economics Project Topics. Do share this list of project topics with your friends.

Best Economics Project for Class 12 Students

  1. To Study the Recent Banking Sector Reforms
  2. To Study the Supply and its Determinants
  3. Make in India project class 12 economics
  4. To Study the Concept of Opportunity Cost
  5. To Study the Demand and its Determinants
  6. Economic Project on the Monopoly Market
  7. To Study Economic planning objective in India
  8. Economic Project on Foreign Exchange Market
  9. To Study, the Production – Returns to a Factor
  10. Economics Project on Types of Market Structure
  11. To Study the Price Discrimination Economic Concept
  12. Economics project on changing prices of vegetables
  13. To Study the Indirect Effects of GST on the Income Tax
  14. To Study the Theories of the Long-Run Supply Curve
  15. To Study the Balance of Payment: Uses & Components
  16. Monopolistic Competition; 12th class economics Project
  17. To Study the Budget Deficit and Economic Performance
  18. The trend of India’s economic growth causes and remedies
  19. To Compare the Import Substitution vs Export Promotion
  20. To Study the process of the Credit Creation and its Limitation
  21. To Study the Pros and Cons of the Demonetization in India
  22. Production Possibility Curve: Economics Project for Class 12
  23. RBI’s policies to curb inflation and appreciate currency value
  24. Causes and Potential Solutions for Adverse Balance of payments
  25. To Study and Analyse the Current Economic Crisis in Pakistan
  26. Economics Project Report on Unemployment in India for class 12
  27. Non-Performing Asset and Central Bank’s procedures to recover it
  28. To Study and Analyse the Benefits of Digital India Movement in India
  29. To Study the Cost Function and Cost Curve: Class 12 economics project
  30. Development projects in India environment of loss on economic gain
  31. To Study the Effects of the GST on the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
  32. To Study the Theories of utility (Ordinal Approach and Cardinal Approach)
  33. To Study the Macroeconomic Variables Impact on the Values of Currencies
  34. To Study the transfer the Benefits of Good and Service Tax (GST) to Consumer
  35. To Study the Tax Reforms and Basic principles of taxation/Double taxation on Savings
  36. To Study the Central Bank’s functions with special reference to Reserve Bank of India (RBI)
  37. The shift of India’s growth parameters from agricultural to manufacturing and service sectors over 50 year’s period
  38. The growth of India’s automobile sector in the last 20 years with special reference to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI)
  39. To Study the Derivation of the Demand curve from Hicksian and Slutsky Income and Substitution effects
  40. To Study the Central Bank and its FunctionsTo Study the Imperfect competition and Market failure

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Economics Project Guidelines

Below are some economics project guidelines that you should keep in mind while preparing the class 12 economics project topics:-

  • Always try to choose the interesting economics project topics
  • Always keep your project short and precise. Add topics only related to your project topic.
  • Try to Add Diagrammatic/Graphic Presentation. Add Diagrams, Pie-Charts, Bar Charts, and Graphs (If Possible)
  • If you have any doubts ask with your project guide for project guidelines
  • Submit your project report on time3

Final Words

I hope you all like the above-given Economics Project Topics for Class 12 Students. In this way, students can select the class 12 economics project as per their area of interest in the subject.           

Also, if you need some more economics project for class 12 SlideShare. Please comments below, so that I can provide some more economics project for class 12 pdf for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What are the topics on Social Media on Trade and Commerce for economics project?

Ans: As apart from the given above list of economics project topics here are listed some economics project topics on social media trade and commerce:

  1. Social Media Impact on the Economic Development
  2. To Promote Economic Growth by Using Social Media
  3. Social and Economic Impact on E-commerce
  4. To Study the Phenomenon of Exchange Rate System

Q2. How do I write an Economic project file?

Ans: To Writing an Economic Project File take advice from your subject Professor because every school and examination board has its own separate guidelines for Economic Project for Class 12. Always try to select the ongoing current Economic Project.

Q.3 How to write a synopsis for Economic Project class 12th?   

Ans: Project Synopsis defines a brief summary of any project. Project Synopsis helps in understanding the project well. Whether you are preparing a project for academics or professionals, Project Synopsis is necessary required.

The length of the project synopsis is an average of 2-3 pages is sufficient but It can be extended depending upon the project. The synopsis should be short, succinct but very informative.

For preparing a project synopsis for economics class 12 Project, there are some important things that you should be included in a project synopsis are,

  • Title of the Project
  • About the Problem
  • The main reason for selecting this project topic
  • Literature Review
  • The objective of the Project
  • Scope of the Project
  • Limitations of the Project
  • Working Methodology of project
  • Details about the Hardware and Software used in the project
  • Observations and Findings
  • Conclusion
  • References (reference books. journals, magazines, websites, etc.)

Q4. Name the steps in developing project in statistics for economics

Ans: Project management is an important process of the work to achieve the Project goals which meet the success criteria. In project management, there are four steps that you need to be defined in order to better control the project;-

Step 1: Identifying the Project Statement

Step 2; Setting the Project Objective and Scope of the Project

Step 3; Defining the Project Tasks and Responsibilities (Creating the Work Flow Structure)

Step 4: Monitoring the Project and Finding the Important Resources Required

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