Latest MBA Marketing Project Topics [2024]

Are you an MBA Marketing student looking for MBA Marketing Project topics? Then you have come to the right place. Here in this post, we have provided a list of MBA Project Topics in Marketing [2024]. This MBA marketing project topics list will definitely make your job easier to select the right project for MBA marketing.

These marketing project topics include a wide range of marketing fields such as Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Sales, Brand Management, Media and Advertisement, Content Marketing, etc.

Latest MBA Marketing Project Topics [2024]

Before directly jumping into the Latest MBA marketing project Ideas for 2024. Let’s first understand how to choose an MBA marketing project topic.

How to Choose an MBA Marketing Project Topic

Choosing a topic for an MBA marketing project can be very task consuming task. There are so many different aspects to marketing, and choosing a topic that is both interesting and feasible can be difficult. However, there are a few tips that can help make choosing a topic a little easier.

First of all, identify the area of ​​your interest in which area of ​​marketing. This can help narrow down the topic options and make choosing a topic process easy. Also, try to choose a topic that you are familiar with or have some previous knowledge about. This will make researching and writing the project report much easier. Finally, make sure to choose a topic that is realistic and achievable – choosing a topic that is too broad or complex can make the project difficult to complete.

Latest MBA Marketing Project Topics 2024

Here we have provided a list of projects for MBA marketing:

  1. Project Report on the Importance of Consumer Buying Behaviour
  2. Study the Various Marketing Strategies of Business to Consumer (B2C) on Social Media Platforms
  3. Project to Study the Customer Satisfaction of Toyota Ltd
  4. Study the Evolution of the Modern Indian Retail Market
  5. Customer Satisfaction towards Life Insurance Company
  6. Study the Brand Loyalty of Customers towards ABC products of a Company
  7. Study the Social Media Marketing and Its Impact on the Youth
  8. Study and Analyse the Supply Chain Management (SCM) of HUL Ltd
  9. Study the Brand Positioning of Asian Paint Ltd
  10. Study the Perception of Consumers towards ITC Products
  11. Study the Marketing Strategy of Facebook
  12. Study the Marketing Strategy of Avenue Supermart (Dmart)
  13. Study and Analyse the Impact of Online Shopping on Retailers
  14. Project Report of Market Penetration of ITC Ltd
  15. Comparative Study and Analysis of Marketing Mix of Three Companies
  16. Study the Satisfaction of Customers towards Gold Loan Schemes of Manappuram Finance: marketing topics for project
  17. Study the Companies Suffering from Marketing Myopia
  18. Comparative Study of the Influence of Marketing and Celebrity Endorsement
  19. Study and Analysis of Market Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning (STP) of Pepsi
  20. Study the Impact of Promotional Offers on Consumer Buying Behaviour
  21. Examine the impact of a marketing strategy on an organization’s performance.
  22. Study the Overview of the Product Marketing of the Company
  23. Study the Significance of the CRM in Industrial Marketing
  24. Project Report on Study of the Marketing Strategy of Amazon
  25. Project Report on the Role of Marketing in Supply Chain management
  26. Study the Pricing Strategy in Marketing Management for a New Product
  27. Study the Trading behavior of investors at Zerodha
  28. Study the E-commerce Branding Strategies for a Startup
  29. Project Report on the Importance of Brand Logos for a Business
  30. Comparative Study and Analysis of Master Card and Visa Card
  31. Study the Brand Positioning of the Marico Ltd
  32. Study and Analysis of Service Quality Management in Bajaj Auto Ltd
  33. Study the Marketing Problem and Prospects of Agricultural Products in Rural Region
  34. Comparative Study on the Marketing Strategy of PhonePe and Paytm
  35. Study the Impact of COVID on the Retail Industry
  36. Study the Impact of COVID on the Aviation Industry
  37. Project Report on Importance of Strategic Marketing Management in Business Operation: mba projects in marketing pdf
  38. Study and Analyse the Retail Marketing Strategy of Big Bazaar
  39. Study and Analyse the Marketing Strategy of Patanjali
  40. Examine the factors that influence consumer buying behavior.
  41. Study and Analyse the Market Segmentation of Godrej Consumer Ltd
  42. Study the Brand Loyalty among Existing Customers of Nestle India
  43. Study the Effectiveness of the Employee’s role in Service Delivery
  44. Study the Various Purchase Influencing Factors
  45. Using Service Blue Printing Improves the Service Quality
  46. Study the Consumer Perception Survey
  47. Studying the Institutional Market
  48. Study the Marketing Strategy of OLA
  49. Measurement of Brand Perception and Brand Awareness
  50. Study the Advertising Impact on B2B Marketing
  51. Study and Analyze the Consumer Behaviour Toward Redmi
  52. Study the Effect of E-Marketing On Hotels And Tour Service Providers
  53. Study the role of Branding & Advertising in Business 
  54. Study the impact of social media marketing campaign
  55. Study the Importance of Brand Logos in Business
  56. Study the different factors that influence the brand loyalty
  57. Study the B2B Social Media Marketing Strategies
  58. Study and Analyze the consumer Online and Offline Shopping Behaviour
  59. Study of Consumer Behavior in the Automobile Industry
  60. Study of Consumer Buying behavior towards the fast food industry
  61. Comparative study between selected online shopping websites
  62. Study the consumer decision-making process for buying a home
  63. Study the factors that influence the distribution channel
  64. Understanding the consumer buying behavior by Market Survey
  65. Study the various problems that exist in Indian Market Research Industry
  66. Study the Innovative Product Strategies In the Mutual Funds Industry
  67. Study the Consumer satisfaction with Whirpool Washing Machines
  68. Study the behavior of buying consumers toward Patanjali products
  69. Case Study: Marketing Strategy and SWOT analysis of Patanjali Ayurved Ltd 
  70. Understanding the successful promotional activities in FMCG
  71. Formulation of Marketing Strategies to Improve Market Share of Whirlpool Refrigerator
  72. Study the Various Changing Trends in Fast Moving Consumer goods (FMCG) industry in India
  73. Study the Opportunities and Threats of the Credit Card Business in banks
  74. Study and Analysis of Customer Satisfaction towards Credit Card offered by ABC Bank: marketing projects for MBA

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MBA Project on Digital Marketing

Here we have provided a list of Digital Marketing Project Topics for MBA students:

  1. Comparative Study and Analysis of Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing
  2. Study the Strategy of Social Media Marketing (SMM) for Small Businesses
  3. Comparative Study and Analysis of Performance Marketing and Affiliate Marketing
  4. Study the Role of Digital Marketing in an Organization
  5. Project Report on Digital Marketing in India
  6. Latest Final Project Report on Digital Marketing
  7. Project Report on the Scope of Digital Marketing in Today’s World
  8. Study the impact of Digital Marketing on Consumer Behaviour in India
  9. Study the Role of Content Marketing in Social Media Marketing
  10. Studying the Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Importance in the Digital World
  11. Study the Digital Marketing Strategies for Real Estate Agents
  12. Project Report on Marketing through Book Marking Websites and Social Media Platforms: MBA project on digital marketing

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We hope you all like the above-given list of the Latest MBA marketing project topics for [2024]. With this list, you can easily choose suitable marketing project topics as per your area of interest in the subject.

Also, If you need some more MBA project topics in marketing. Please comments below, so that we can provide you with some more MBA marketing project topics pdf.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1 What is an MBA marketing project?

Ans: Every MBA Marketing student is required to submit a detailed project report on the specific project topic in their MBA academic course. The project gives students a great opportunity to demonstrate their skills and detailed knowledge of the subject. It will be very helpful for students in their internship and job interviews.

MBA Marketing covers a wide range of areas such as market research branding, advertisement, sales and promotions, digital marketing, and global marketing.

Q.2 What are the best marketing topics for MBA project work?

Ans: Here are some best marketing topics for MBA project work are:

  • Study the Future Scope and Opportunities of Social Media Marketing in India
  • Study and Analyse the Marketing Strategy of Colgate Ltd
  • Study the promotional Strategy of FMCG companies 

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