Latest Seminar Topics For MBA Students [2022]

Are you looking for the latest MBA seminar topics and projects topics? If yes, then you’re at right place.

Management Students are always busy so it’s very difficult for them to find out the new management topics for project topics and seminar topics for each subject separately.

Latest Seminar Topics For MBA Students 2022

In this post, we have provided the list of the Seminar Topics For MBA students. This list will help you to choose right management topics for seminar for your seminars as well as these can be used as MBA projects too.

List of Latest Seminar Topics For MBA Students [2022]

  1. Asset Management System
  2. Brand Management
  3. Bench Marking in Service Industry
  4. Barriers to Poor Organised Communication
  5. Budgetary Control System
  6. Banking System in India
  7. Business Process Outsourcing
  8. Brand Awareness Techniques
  9. Conflict Management
  10. Customer Satisfaction
  11. Corporate Social Responsibility
  12. Customer Relationship Management
  13. Challenges in Financial Management in Next Generation
  14. Capital Budgeting
  15. Characteristics of Mixed Economy
  16. Cross Culture Communication
  17. Common Size Financial Statements
  18. Corporate Governance
  19. Customer Satisfaction Measurement Methods
  20. Direct and Indirect Marketing
  21. Demand Forecasting
  22. Decision Making Tools and Techniques
  23. Decision Support System
  24. Digital Payment System
  25. Digital Marketing
  26. Data Based Management System
  27. E-Waste Management: Management Topics For Project 
  28. E Business
  29. Employee Engagement
  30. Effect of Branding on Consumer Purchase Decision
  31. E-Commerce Marketing
  32. Effective Leadership Communication
  33. Export Marketing Entry Strategy
  34. Equity Analysis of Banks
  35. Factors Affecting the Decision Making
  36. Factors Affecting the Perception
  37. Formulation of HR Policies
  38. Green Marketing
  39. Group Dynamics
  40. Global Economic Crises
  41. HRM Practice in Indian Organisation
  42. Human Resource Planning
  43. Hospital Information System
  44. Impact of Packaging on Retailers and Consumers
  45. Importance of Business Ethics
  46. Implication of Economic Environment and Business
  47. Importance of Financial and Financial Accounting
  48. Inventory Management
  49. Impact of Macroeconomics Factors on Money Supply
  50. Integrated Marketing Communication
  51. Information as a Strategic Resource
  52. Lean Management
  53. Methods of Charging Depreciation
  54. Merchant Banking India: Management Topics For Presentation 
  55. Marketing Decisions for Retailers
  56. Marketing Planning and Control
  57. Marketing Strategy Development
  58. Marketing Information System
  59. Marketing Audit
  60. Management Issues in Business
  61. Management Support System
  62. Master Production Schedule
  63. Network Marketing Nature and Principle of Planning
  64. Nature of Organisational Behaviour
  65. New Product Development
  66. Organisation Development Techniques
  67. Organisational Policies and Practices
  68. Personal Selling
  69. Performance Outcome – Efficiency and Effectiveness
  70. Portfolio Management
  71. Performance Management
  72. Principles of Business Communication
  73. Price Decision Marketing Decision Strategy
  74. Product Life Cycle
  75. Process Product Matrix
  76. Quality Management
  77. Risk Management in Banks
  78. Rural Marketing
  79. Role of Ethics in Business
  80. Recent Trends in Operation Management
  81. Responsibility Accounting
  82. Rural Investor Awareness towards capital market
  83. Sales Management
  84. Span of Management
  85. Supply Chain Management
  86. Six Sigma
  87. Stress Management
  88. Significance of Business Environment
  89. Study on performance of mutual funds with reference to banking funds
  90. Social Media Marketing
  91. Succession Planning Techniques
  92. Time Management
  93. Total Quality Management (TQM)
  94. Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
  95. The Challenges of Management
  96. The Role of Marketing Channel
  97. The Business Without Marketing
  98. Traditional Marketing vs Digital Marketing
  99. Value Chain Analysis
  100. Working Capital Management

Final Words

I hope you all like the above-given list of Latest Seminar Topics for MBA Students. In this way, students can easily select management topics for presentation as per there area of interest in the subject.    

Also, If you need some more MBA seminar topics for presentation. Please comments below, so that I can provide some more seminar topics for you.

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